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Default Re: p4r6g6777 vs. 3m0d0ll.


Conkeldurr (M)
Ability: Mummy
HP: 100%
Energy: 100%
Status: Grr...
[Safeguard; 2 more actions]
Toxic~Fire Punch/Toxic

[Dusknoir+] Yamask (M)
Ability: Mummy
HP: 100%
Energy: 100%
Status: He can't hurt me!
Nasty Plot~Shadow Ball

Conkeldurr was faster this time around. I-I have no clue how because he's holding those pillars of cinder. Anyways, it was purple goo time. Building up any toxins that he had in his system, ghastly green, blah blah blah. Conkeldurr spit out a purple goo at the ghost, making it sick.
[Conkeldurr: -6% Energy, Dusknoir+: TXC]

Dusknoir+ decided to think dirty. Not THAT kind of dirty. But the kind where he was thinking on how to take down his opponent. Hovering there, he devised a plan. He planned on executing said plan soon, for it was good.
[Dusknoir+: -3 Energy, +2 SpATK]

Fighting this ghost was getting pretty boring, so Conkeldurr decided to strike his pillars like if they were matches. In no time at all, they were on fire. 'Fire = Good' the clown thought to himself, so he formed a fist and thrust it into the fire. The effect: Fist on fire. With this, Conkeldurr ran up to Dusknoir+ and punched him! That was good. Achievement Unlocked: FALCON PAWNCH!
[Conkeldurr: -7% Energy, Dusknoir+: -17% HP, Rolled 4: No effect]

Yamask had to end it soon, or else he'd get beat down into the ground...again. Summoning dark powers, he formed said powers into a ball and launched it at Conkeldurr. The clown, taken so many steroids Proteins and the such, barely felt a thing. It was almost worth it to do.
[Dusknoir+: -10% Energy, Conkeldurr: -9% HP, Rolled 2: No effect]

With the virus still new, Dusknoir+ only got the weak end of it. It's going to hurt later on...
[Dusknoir+: -2% HP]

Because the goddess of whatever was feeling generous, she decided to restore some energy to Dusknoir+.
[Dusknoir+: +5% Energy]


Conkeldurr (M)
Ability: Guts
HP: 91%
Energy: 87%
Status: Feeling accomplished.

[Dusknoir+] Yamask (M)
Ability: Mummy
HP: 81%
Energy: 92%
Status: Oh, he can hit me...
[+2 SpAtk]

Ref Notes
Otherwise than what just happened, the party's the same.

3m0d0ll, your moves, please.

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