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Originally Posted by Ant2011 View Post
Trainer: Anthony
Currently: Making a deal with the devil

"Money?" Anthony laughed, "I am terrible sorry, I thought you were just holding Pokemon in cages as cruelty." He stood up, "If I had known it was for money sooner I would have offered my services then." He stepped closer to the man, "Mr. Mayer, I would like to join your organization. Clearly, I had the smarts to escape, and I have the guts to keep on trying until I get what I want. I could be an asset." Anthony smirked, "You wouldn't want to lose an asset now, would you? I'll even recapture the value of what I, well, freed by accident for free."

Official's Post Event

*is it your goal to make the worst decisions possible to throw me and the story off !*

Thinking on your feet you decide to try to something that may not be very bright. You try to bargain with a known criminal in hopes to stay out of trouble. Bill remain quiet the whole time you are talking. He watches your facial expressions.

Billy Mayer

"So just like that you are ready to start a life of crime? Something about that seems a little sketchy....but an offer is still an offer." the man signals the Vigoroth to back up. The two energetic beasts fall back into the shadows. Bill speaks to you in a demanding tone.
"If you want to join us, you are going to have to prove you got what it takes...Grab your stuff we have work to do." Bill waits a few moments to let you collect your things. Then he begins to walk into the woods.

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