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Default Re: Mewtwo Invasion: Debate Contest (Gene Tampering Pro vs Con)

Playing 'god' made me chuckle a little bit honestly. A lot of tampering with food is to better it. For example, a company called Calgene, Inc. genetically engineered a tomato to slow the softening process. Pectin is in many fruits and vegetables, giving them their solidity and hardness. The pectin in tomatoes is affected by polygalacturonase (PG). PG destroys the pectin, causing the cell walls of the tomato to break down and begin to rot. This means shipping tomatoes for long distances is hard to do without getting soft and squishy tomatoes, which no one wants to buy. Buy genetically altering the tomatoes, they can reduce the amount of PG, therefore slowing the cell wall deterioration, making them firmer for longer. [1]

Many melons and squashes are being 'tampered' with to resist viruses. Bioengineers from one company discovered Arctic Flounder produce an anti-freeze like substance to keep it from freezing to death in the cold waters of the arctic. This company plans to find a gene that does the same for a strawberry, making it more resistant to freezing weather and home freezers.

Transhumanism studies are working to engineer humans to live longer, healthier lives. This also includes greatly enhancing psychological, intellectual, and physical barriers of humans. Aims are to decrease poverty, reduce malnutrition, and lower rate of disability. Curing cancer, resistence to sickness, increased intelligence, and immunodeficiency enginerring all provide overwhelming evidence of benefit. [2]

If it's for the better of our children, grandchildren, cousins, the human race, I don't see how anyone could be against something so mind blowing.