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Default Re: Winter Writing Competition 2012

Okay, submitting this from my phone, so please pardon any formatting errors.

The submission window has closed, meaning that there are a total of 12 stories in the running. It's a bit small, but it actually stacks up pretty well. There are to be four preliminary rounds consisting of three stories each. Each voting session is to last 10 days, and the voters will receive $3,000 for their input. Look over the base rules once more if you have any questions, or just PM me.

Now, without further ado, the stories in the first voting round! These are randomly selected and are in no particular order. Again, I apologize that I can't link the stories, but y'all can get off your lazy butts and find 'em!

Sonata by WinterVines
The Winter Pidgeys by bestyXD
Marked by Morru Magnum

Votes are due by February 11th. Best of luck!
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