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Default Re: Sabi VS Dino

Saraibre Ryu

[Accela] Chatot (F)
HP: 71%
Energy: 62%
Condition: Glad that she got a bit of a break.
Roost/Double Team ~ Sub@1%/Double Team/Mirror Move/Chatter


[Train] Aggron (M)
HP: 82%
Energy: 73%
Condition: Oh, what pretty feathers~!!; -4 Attack
Rock Slide ~ Hone Claws

Round 4

Accela sighed, knowing that she was considerably safer - although still in danger mind you - from Train, who was fixated on her with a goofy grin. Landing softly from her flight, she glowed a soft blue as she felt her wounds knit themselves back together. At the same time, however, she was left vulnerable to an element she normally wasn't.
[Accela -8% Energy, +20% HP, Normal Type Until End of Round]

Train heard his trainer shout out for a Rock Slide, but as he turned to look at Accela, he noted how she had landed on the ground, her wounds having healed for the most part. She was so adorable, so tiny on the ground as she puffed up and then slimmed down with every breath, that he found he just couldn't focus. How could he be expected to hurt such a cute creature?
(Infatuation Roll was 9462 where any result less than or equal to 7500 resulted in Train successfully carrying out his orders.)

Accela clicked her beak together, focusing on herself. She drew from her energy, expelling a soft white light from her beak which gradually began to form into a figure. It sprouted feathers, a beak, and even the characteristic note shaped features of a Chatot before the doll was complete. It stood in front of her, lifeless, yet she knew it would block quite a bit that came her way. Should another Stone Edge be launched, she had a shield. A feeble one, but still a shield.
[Accela -1% Energy, -1% HP, Substitute@1%]

Train once more heard his orders, but this time he figured it wouldn't hurt to listen. In fact, he thought it might be a better way to impress his precious Accela! Claws glinting, he scratched against a stone pillar that jutted out into the sky, sharpening the daggers into knives. Once he was done, he fancied them for a bit, feeling slightly stronger than he had before. Now he could impress his love...or, a slight part of his mind chimed, tear her to shreds.
[Train -4% Energy, +1 ATK, +1 ACC]
(Infatuation Roll was 1849 where any result less than or equal to 7500 resulted in Train successfully carrying out his orders.)

Round 4 End

Saraibre Ryu

[Accela] Chatot (F)
Ability: Tangled Feet
HP: 90%
Energy: 53%
Condition: Can't say she doesn't like the lack of violence! (Sub@1%)


[Train] Aggron (M)
Ability: Rock Head
HP: 82%
Energy: 69%
Condition: Still in love but feeling a bit antsy to fight. (First Round Infatuated, -3 ATK, +1 ACC)

Ref Notes

First round reffed, triple checked math so it should be right. Included what round this was for Infatuation to make it easier for the next ref.

Train is -3 ATK now because he was -4 ATK, then added +1 ATK with Hone Claws. So yes, that is in there.

Re-added abilities into stats because I don't know why they disappeared XD

Dino, your moves please and kthanks :3

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