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Default Re: Vegetunks vs. Judge Dredd


[Wisp] Rotom (-)
Ability: Levitate
HP: 85%
Energy: 85%
Status: BZZT! >:D
Light Screen~Thunder Wave

[Char] Charmander (M)
HP: 85%
Energy: 86%
Status: Wha?

Char decided to interrupt Wisp once again, by doing the same thing as last time. As he tried to get that oh-so-sweet translucent green glow, nothing happened. Why?
[Charmander: -8% Energy, Protect: FAIL]

This was the perfect opportunity to strike. But Wisp, instead, went with a defensive tactic. It started to glow a white shade, as if it was evolving. Wait, Rotom can't evolve...Can it? Eventually, screens surrounded the electrified ghost, creating barriers for attacks.
[Rotom: -6% Energy, Light Screen: Up for this round and next round]

Because the lizard seemed to be tired, Wisp started to charge energy. Releasing bolts of electricity at it's target, Char seemed to get a tingling sensation in his body. His limbs became numb and he could barely move. WHAT SORCERY IS THIS MAGIC?!
[Rotom: -6% Energy, Charmander: PRZ]

Char attempted to make an attack, but his muscles wouldn't budge. This meant trouble.
[Charmander: PRZ]


[Wisp] Rotom (-)
Ability: Levitate
HP: 85%
Energy: 73%
Status: Yay!
[Light Screen up for next round]

[Char] Charmander (M)
Ability: Blaze
Energy: 77%
Status: Grr...

Ref Notes:
-Since Protect was used in the last round, it fails this time.

-Char: Paralysis Roll was 7182 where any result less than or equal to 5000 resulted in Charmander successfully carrying out its orders.

Judge Dredd, your moves, please.

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