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Default Re: 5TDL vs. 3m0d0ll.


[Genuss] Walrein (F)
Ability: Ice Body
HP: 84%
Energy: 85%
Status: Miffed entirely.
Attract~Aqua Ring

[Spartacus] Electivire (M)
Ability: Motor Drive
HP: 85%
Energy: 85%
Status: Looking forward to snow cones later
Protect~Low Kick

Spartacus is just mean, you know? Attacking a disable walrus? Cruel. Just cruel. In the case that Genuss could ACTUALLY attack, he decided to cover himself with his arms. Eventually, a translucent green light formed a shield around the wire-beast, ready to deflect anything. ANYTHING.
[Spartacus: -8% Energy, Protected for next action]

Oh, Genuss. How thou cannot find love. She couldn't find love because of how ugly rough she was. The ice-walrus could cope with this using a special move known as "Attract." She smooched up to Spartacus to get him to fall in love with her, but, nothing happened. In fact, the shield fell in love. Great. -_-
[Genuss: -4% Energy, Spartacus: PROTECTED]
Paralysis Roll was 6450 where any result less than or equal to 7500 resulted in Walrein successfully carrying out its orders.

Because his opponent was large and in charge, Spartacus decided to aim low. Why? The bigger they are, the harder they fall. He started running towards the beast for his attack. About halfway through, he started to slide with one leg sticking out. Eventually, the leg made contact with the flippers that were keeping Genuss up, causing her to fall.
[Spartacus: -12% Energy, Genuss: -16% HP]

Genuss attempted to make a move, but her body just wouldn't let her. :(
Paralysis Roll was 9466 where any result less than or equal to 9000 resulted in Walrein successfully carrying out its orders.


[Genuss] Walrein (F)
Ability: Ice Body
HP: 78%
Energy: 81%
Status: Still miffed.

[Spartacus] Electivire (M)
Ability: Motor Drive
HP: 85%
Energy: 65%
Status: :D

Ref Notes
-PRZ takes three actions to cure. Since Genuss only used one action after becoming paralyzed, it would be PRZ@2, not 1. The next action, however, Genuss will be cured.

-It's not as much as a troll fest as my battle was. :/

-I didn't feel like color right now.

5TDL, your moves, please.

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