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Default Re: The Last Poster Wins! [v3]

Originally Posted by Dragotech View Post
Raquayza is one of my favorites, Groudon is awesome, Darkrai is awesome, Heatran isn't too bad, I kinda like Mewtwo, Genesect seems kinda cool to me, Deoxys is one that I do not understand, I do not bother understanding the Sacred Swords, but they are not unpleasant to my eyes, Reshiram Zekrom and Kyurem are all a little strange but I don't mind them either, the regis are a lil weird to me, Kyogre is okay, Yveltal I don't know well enough to formulate an opinion, but it looks kinda cool in theory
Mewtwo: Cool when I forat saw it, now plain disturbing
Kyogre: Not my favorite, but cool nometheless
Groudon: Epic
Rayquaza: Epic
Regis: I think they look awesome, screw the haters. They just suck when being used.
Deoxys: Perhaps the only pure-Psychoc legendary I like. Design and all.
Heatran: ugly
Darkrai: awesome
Sacred Swords i don't like. ESPECIALLY Virizion.
The Energy Dragons I like for the most part. It's Reshiram that make me raise an eyebrow though.
Genesect: meh.
Yveltal I have no opinion of.

I'm surprised nobody made a comment on the designs of Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina, let alone the Genies.

In fact I don't see the appeal of the Legendary Cats. I never liked Suicune's design because of that growth on its forehead that makes me think the poor water pokémon has some disturbing form of cancer.

Oh and I dislike cute Pokémon with a passion. That includes Mew and clones (except maybe Skymin and Victini).
Originally Posted by goldwynaut View Post

ZOMG ex-smogonite! abandon thread!
Originally Posted by Fushigidane View Post Whatever, if you leave the thread I would win. =)
no, becasue IM HERE
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