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Default Re: Winter Forum FFA: TURN 3


The Referee stopped twiddling his thumbs and sat up straight in his very comfortable chair. Things were finally starting to get interesting. And often quite comical.

One of the mini show-downs going on inside the arena, a black fox and a puppet-like ghost, seemed to be extremely lopsided. The fox was toying with the puppet, sneaking up to it and smacking it around. It was so busy having fun, it failed to notice as a giant plant lurched over behind it and smacked it with a rock.

Of all things, two Pokemon were sleeping in the middle of the battle. One of them, a fiery dragon, began to move in its sleep. It charged, head on, at the nearest Pokemon. However, the Charizard flew straight through the Ghost Pokemon and landed on its face, still sound asleep.

Several other showdowns ended. The plant-like dinosaur got stabbed in the back. Twice. Another Pokemon overcame it's adversary, only to get an extremely unhealthy dose of toxin thrown at it.

Meanwhile, one of the giant dragons, having taken many hits, completely forgot about the small, round, hissing thing in its hand. Finally hearing the shouts of its Trainer, it looked down at the bomb it was holding. Which promptly exploded in a shower of dangerous electric sparks.

The Referee clapped his hands, grinning manically. He prepped another bomb, and chucked it down into the fray. The pink Pokemon, for the second time, picked it up. It's Trainer was as dismayed as ever.

Kingdra is fast asleep...
It uses Sleep Talk!
gliscorman rolled 1 31-sided die: *26
Uses Double Team! But it failed!
Gallade B uses Calm Mind!
Dragonite uses Roost!
Cradily uses AncientPower on Zoroark!
Zoroark is KOd! Saesee Tiin out. $5,000 awarded.
gliscorman rolled 1 100-sided die: *52
No rise.
Banette uses Pain Split on Charizard!
Tyranitar uses Dragon Dance!
Serperior uses Dragon Pulse on Dragonite!
Charizard is fast asleep...
It uses Sleep Talk!
gliscorman rolled 1 101-sided die: *27
gliscorman rolled 1 19-sided die: *18
It uses Take Down on Litwick!
It doesn't effect Litwick...
Xatu uses Calm Mind!
Lucario uses Dark Pulse on Venusaur!
Sub shatters.
Porygon-Z uses Agility!
Gallade A uses Psycho Cut on Venusaur!
gliscorman rolled 1 8-sided die: *5
No critical hit.
Venusaur is KOd! Airik out. $5,500 awarded.
Gardevoir uses Heal Pulse on Serperior!
Togekiss uses Psych Up on Gallade B!
Vaporeon uses Aurora Beam on Dragonite!
gliscorman rolled 1 100-sided die: *81
No drop.
Clefable uses Stored Power on Conckeldurr!
Conckeldurr is KOd! Nitro out. $6,000 awarded.
Litwick uses Calm Mind!
Umbreon uses Toxic on Clefable!
gliscorman rolled 1 100-sided die: *45
Clefable was badly poisoned!

Rain continues to fall...
Gardevoir's Wish comes true!
Cradily is healed by Ingrain.
Clefable is hurt by poison!
The Bomb explodes on Dragonite!
Dragonite becomes paralyzed!
gliscorman rolled 1 18-sided die: *15
Clefable has the Bomb!

Porygon-Z 68.75% [558] SpA +3 Def/Spe +2 Sub
Kingdra A 100% [538] Sub Slp-2
Tyranitar 75% [442] Atk/Spe +2
Gallade B 68.75% [389] Atk/SpA/SpD +2 Def/Spe +1 Sub
Togekiss 100% [389] Ref-3 LS-2 Atk/SpA/SpD +2 Def/Spe +1 Sub
Cradily 100% [370] SpA +1 Spe +2 Sub Ingrain
Banette 56.62% [344] Atk/Spe +1
Serperior 100% [325]
Charizard 52.22% [299] Slp-2
Xatu 100% [289] SpA/SpD +3 Sub
Lucario 100% [279] Atk/Def/SpA/SpD +1 Sub
Gallade A 100% [259] Atk/SpA/SpD +2
Gardevoir 100% [259] SpA/SpD +2 Sub Multiscale
Vaporeon 100% [229] Def +6 AR
Clefable 93.90% [219] SpA +3 Def +2 Tox-1 BOMB
Litwick 93.75% [139] SpA/SpD +4
Umbreon 93.75% [115] Atk/Def +2 Spe -2 Sub
Dragonite 55.69% [97] Atk/Spe +1 Par

18/31 Pokemon Remaining
Send your moves to me by 24 hours (5 PM GMT -5).
If I missed anything, call it to my attention. It will be edited.
It is your responsibility to check for edits, as the deadline will not change.
You must wait until after the FFA to claim your winnings.
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