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Originally Posted by Judge Dredd View Post
Official's Post Event

Stacy rolls her eyes at your speech. Still preparing to battle.


" Ya down with the yapping now, cause Im challenging you to a battle..Unless your Yella." Stacy looks at her two pokemon.
"Dont show this kid a bit of mercy! " The two pokemon nod their heads moving in quickly. Raticate rushes in with qiuck attack knocking Zorua to the ground. Butterfree lets loose a pyswave at the little pidgey. The attack was not meant to end the battle but it was a warning. As your pokemon get to the ground you see Stacy smiling.
"Now, I will have that pokemon! Weather you hand it over or I take from you is up to you kid. "
Trainer: Hiiro Tatsuya
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Currently: Route 2
Sidequest: Stacy's Bet

Hiiro, you going to teach this b*tch a lesson or what?

For once, I agree with Zorua there. Nobody messes with us and gets away with it. She might be a tough cookie, but every cookie has got to crumble sometime!

Well, I was planning to stay out of this, but that butter-free dare challenges my agility? Let's go Hiiro. It's show time!

Hiiro was encouraged by his Pokemon to at least stand up for himself, and his Pokemon. No matter how tough of a Trainer may appear before him, he decided not to give in, until every single Pokemon is unable to battle. Hiiro stood calm and maintained his composure, and started giving out orders to his Pokemon.

"Jette, start off with a FeatherDance! Target the Raticate and his attack shall fall, whip up a Whirlwind and blow that Raticate outta the way, should the Bug interfere, it will get caught up in it! Shiro, you're the center of attention here, so start off with a Fake-Out at Butterfree to prevent it from moving first, and follow it up with a powerful Screech attack to lower its defenses! Use Taunt afterwards to prevent it from using any Non-attacking moves! Zorua, you're the signature Pokemon here. Give Butterfree a taste of its own medicine. Should the earlier Whirlwind attack backfire, keep a close watch on the opponent's Pokemon and disguise as a Raticate to confuse your opponents! When you've got a chance, use Scary Face to reduce both their speeds, and pummel them both with Fury Swipes!" Hiiro deployed his Pokemon accordingly, and watched as events unfold...


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