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Default Re: Dungeons and Dragons: Desert of Deception - Character Archive

Basic Info

Character Name: Wyrd
Level: 1
Race: Shardmind
Class: Telepathic Psion
Size: Medium
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 185 Ibs
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Alignment: True Neutral
Deity: Ioun
Initiative: 11
Speed: 6 squares
Character Background: (Thought Builder (+2 Arcana, +2 Religion), Merchant (+2 Bluff, +2 Diplomacy), Among Another Race (Tieflings; +2 Bluff, +2 Stealth), Desert (+2 Endurance, +2 Nature), Wealthy (+2 History))

Wyrd's first memories as a living being involve being found by some horned, red-skinned beings-later known as Tieflings-overlooking him, inspecting his ice-white crystalline body with immense interest. The group of Tieflings, a Trading caravan wandering the desert part of a large Merchant Dynasty, 'adopted' the odd, distant, Psionic being. They promised that, in exchange for Wyrd's eventual payoff of a predefined debt, the Tieflings would help Wyrd learn anything he wanted to know Wyrd was accepting of them, at least initially, and went along with the bargain. The Tieflings did not skirt their part of the bargain, assisting the Shardmind in any related studies of it's kind and its interests: Psionic power, the First Gate, the Far Realm, the major Shardmind Philosophies (In particular, the Thought Builder philosophy), The various good deities (In particular, Ioun), and whatever else he was curious in, as well as teaching them their trade-all the while keeping an ever-mounting tab of the costs. Wyrd didn't rely on them for everything: His merchant skills gave him some of his own money-though part of it was sent back to the Merchant Dynasty as a whole and wasn't a part of his paid-off debt. After several years, Wyrd eventually believed that branching out of the Merchant Dynasty's grip would help him repay the debt faster, and began to make preparations to collect a debt with a regular Merchant's life-until he double-checked the exact amount he needed to pay off. Long story short, no lifetime of the Merchant's trade-neigh, no ten lifetimes of the Merchant's trade-no matter how successful or wealthy, could ever hope to pay off the debt in full. At least, not unless he was really fast-which is to say, find a huge amount of treasure and use that to pay off the debt before it got any bigger. At this point, he took several things, including a recently traded book on Psionic Power, promising to contain rare secrets of the Psionic art. It didn't disappoint him in that regard: the book's knowledge allowed Wyrd to understand the power of a Psion, and he knew such powers wouldn't be entirely worthless in his pursuit of enough fortune to pay off his Tiefling 'parents.'

Other: Wyrd is mostly made of white crystals with only a few green and red ones: The green ones covering his feet, his fingers, and everything below his nose, while the red stones were mostly on his back-with the noticeable exception of a red shard resting above the forehead that looks like horns, which does make him look a little bit like a Tiefling. He's also a fairly thin Shardmind.


Strength: 10
Str modifier: 0
Str mod + 1/2 your level: 0

Constitution: 12
Con modifier: 1+
Con mod + 1/2 your level: +1

Dexterity: 11
Dex modifier: 0
Dex mod + 1/2 your level: +0

Intelligence: 18 (16+2 Racial Bonus)
Int modifier: 4+
Int mod + 1/2 your level: +4

Wisdom: 13
Wis modifier: 1+
Wis mod + 1/2 your level: 1+

Charisma: 16 (14+2 Racial Bonus)
Cha modifier: 3+
Cha mod + 1/2 your level: 3+

Max HP: 24 (12+Constitution Score)
Bloodied (1/2 HP): 12
Surge Value (1/4 HP): 6
Surges per day: 7 (6+Constitution Modifier)

Defense Bonus: +4 (+4 Intelligence Mod)
Fortitude Bonus: +1 (+1 Constitution Mod)
Reflex Bonus: +4 (+4 Intelligence Mod)
Will Bonus: +5 (+3 Charisma Mod, +2 Psion Class Defense Bonus)
Passive Insight: 15 (10 + 5 Class Training)
Passive Perception: 10 (10)

Features, Feats, and Skills

Racial Features:
-Telepathy (Communicate with any creature with a language that is within five blocks of you)
-Crystalline Mind (Resist 5 Psychic. Resist 10 Psychic at Level 11, Resist 15 Psychic at level 21)
-Living Construct (Do not need to eat, sleep, drink or breathe. No endurance checks are made to resist suffocation, starvation, or thirst henceforth. Six hour extended rests are still possible and the benefits from receiving them are the same, as a clarification.)
-Immortal Origin (Native to the Astral Sea, treated as immortal for the purpose of effects relating to creature origin)
-Shard Swarm: You may use Shard Swarm as an encounter power.

Class/Path/Destiny Features:
Discipline Focus (Telepathy Focus; Gain Distract and Send Thoughts)
Psionic Augmentation (2 Power Points)
Ritual Casting (Gain Ritual Caster feat as a bonus feat, Own a Spellbook, Automatically have Tenser's floating disk and Silence, Tenser's Floating disk doesn't require components to use, once per day)

-Ritual Caster (Can master and perform rituals of my level or lower)
- Tenser's Floating Disk
- Silence
-Psychic Focus (+2 Feat Bonus to Damage roles with Psychic powers; +3 at Level 11, +4 at Level 20)

Skill bonuses:
Arcana +9 (+5 from Class Training, +2 from Racial Skills, +2 from Background)
Bluff +9 (+5 from Class Training, +4 Background)
Diplomacy +7 (+5 from Class Training, +2 Background)
Insight +5 (+5 from Class Training)
Endurance +4 (+2 from Racial Skills, +2 from Background)
Religion +2 (+2 from Background)
Stealth +2 (+2 from Background)
Nature +2 (+2 from Background)
History +2 (+2 from Background)

Languages Known: Common, Deep Speech, Elven


- Mind Thrust
- Dishearten

-Shard Swarm
-Send Thoughts

- Ravening Thought


Weapon 1: Staff
Weapon 2:
Weapon 3:
Weapon 4:

Armor: Cloth

Other Equipment:
Standard Adventurer's Kit
Spellbook (126 pages left)

Currency: 29 gp

Weight limit: 100 Ibs

Weight carried: 41 Ibs
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