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You paused for a moment, trying to think out the battle clearly. Power was not defined by evolution, it couldnt be. Any pokemon could be a champion with the right moves and good timing. Your strategy was clever to say the least. The whirlwind knocked back the pokemon. with the dirt flying around Zorua took advantage of the situation changing into the Raticate. With the two Raticate going at it Pidgey found itself out classed. Its last moves to reduce the Raticates attack helped Zorua get the upper hand. The match came down to Zoruas fury swipes barely beating out the Butterfree. Before a smirk could even reach your lips something else appeared. A spore cloud moved over Shiro and Jette. Zorua turned around around helpless to the Mach Punch that had been set in motion. You rush over to help your fainted Zaoru. Once Zaoru is down a stun spore sprays at you and you fall to the ground. Breloom picks up Shiro and carries it over to Stacy.


Stacy watches as you fall over.
" In the real world there is no honor in battling,'re going to have to learn to take in your surroundings. Now your skills weren't half bad so you shouldn't feel to bad."
Breloom drops off the cat type next Stacy she pulls out a full heal and sprays the cat. Breloom then walks over spraying the other pokemon. It stops before helping Hiiro.

"My name is Stacy and I work to protect this area from pokemon thieves. What you just experienced was a test, to see how you could handle a run in with one of the Mayer Boys...a dangerous gang that hangs out around here. For the most part you did okay, your pokemon while kinda weak battled with heart. I dont normally tell people who I am..but its gotten pretty bad around here..If you promise to relax Ill use a full heal on you and then maybe you can help me !. Deal ?"

Stacy waits for your response.

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