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Default Re: Winter Forum FFA: TURN 6


What had been a battle turned into a bloodbath. The easy targets, all of them, had been swiftly picked off. One by one, the Pokemon fell.

With blinding speed, a Dragon charged across the field, smacking another Dragon. But it was to no avail. They stood there, glaring at each other, before both were swept aside and Knocked Out.

Suddenly, a massive arc of electricity cackled through the air, annihilating the target. Another, massive Pokemon grabbed ahold of the tricky ghost and bit down hard. The puppet fainted, unable to continue.

Many of the slower Pokemon, not fast enough to catch up to the speedsters and unwilling to make themselves targets, continued to create safeguards and defenses, preparing for the onslaught yet to come. All the while, the Bomb hissed menacingly, like a snake poised to strike.

gliscorman rolled 1 100-sided die: *53
Uses ExtremeSpeed on Charizard!
Porygon-Z uses Thunderbolt on Vaporeon!
Vaporeon is KOd! Kanga out. $6,500 awarded.
Wakes and uses Dragon Dance!
Tyranitar uses Crunch on Banette!
Banette is KOd! Akinai out. $7,000 awarded.
Togekiss uses AncientPower on Charizard!
Charizard is KOd! Monbrey out. $7,500 awarded.
gliscorman rolled 1 100-sided die: *87
No rise.
Gallade B uses Bulk Up!
Cradily uses Amnesia!
Serperior uses Substitute.
Xatu uses Psychic on Dragonite!
Dragonite is KOd! Soulmaster out. $8,000 awarded.
Lucario uses Ice Punch!
But there was no target...
Gallade A uses Swords Dance!
Gardevoir uses Calm Mind!
Clefable uses Substitute.
Litwick uses Calm Mind!
Umbreon uses Toxic on Seprerior!
But it failed!

The Rain stops...
Clefable is hurt by poison.

Porygon-Z 68.75% [558] SpA +3 Def/Spe +2 Sub
Tyranitar 75% [442] Atk/Spe +2
Kingdra A 100% [403] Atk/Spe +1 Sub
Gallade B 68.75% [389] Atk +3 Def/SpA/SpD +2 Spe +1 Sub
Togekiss 100% [389] Ref-4 LS-3 Atk/SpA/SpD +2 Def/Spe +1 Sub
Cradily 100% [370] SpA +1 SpD/Spe +2 Sub Ingrain
Serperior 75% [325] Sub
Xatu 100% [289] SpA/SpD +3 Sub
Lucario 100% [279] Atk/Def/SpA/SpD +1 Sub
Gallade A 100% [259] Atk +4 SpA/SpD +2
Gardevoir 100% [259] SpA/SpD +3 Sub Multiscale
Clefable 56.34% [219] SpA +3 Def +2 Tox-2 Sub BOMB
Litwick 93.75% [139] SpA/SpD +4
Umbreon 93.75% [115] Atk/Def +2 Spe -2 Sub

14/31 Pokemon Remaining
Send your moves to me by 24 hours (5 PM GMT -5).
If I missed anything, call it to my attention. It will be edited.
It is your responsibility to check for edits, as the deadline will not change.
You must wait until after the FFA to claim your winnings.
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