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Default Re: Pokemon X and Pokemon Y Speculations

Originally Posted by Typhlosion Explosion View Post
That actually makes the most sense!

I think it's too early to call typing though. We can make an estimate, but none will be near accurate. Chimchar didn't learn any Fighting moves until Monferno. Nor did Torchic until Combusken, so it seems more likely the move used was a TM.

Eevee can learn Synchronoise as well, so that may mean Fennekin obtained it via egg move/tutor/TM/etc as well.

I really am hoping for Psychic though. That or Ground seem the most likely, if anything. o:
Seriously why is everybody hoping it's part Psychic? For all we know game freak will suprise us with something like part-Poison.

*still waiting on my Fire/Ice Pokémon*

If anything I would hope for a part-Ground, but if it were to happen then Froakie needs to be something 4x Weak to grass and Chespin needs to be something 4x weak to fire to balance, or else Fennekin's family is going to be seriously bullied.
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