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Default Re: Pokemon Similar Games/Knock-Offs?

Yu-Gi-Oh, to me, is pretty complicated. I acutally know a lot about it, since I used to play a little with my brother. Magic cards can be seen as brief status alignments. The monsters are well, the Pokemon. The power is the power of a Pokemon's moves, and the HP is the HP. Defense can be seen as the defense stat of Pokemon, and effects as abilities. Granted, some Pokemon mechanics are more complicated than Yu-Gi-Oh by far, but Yu-Gi-Oh in general imo is pretty complicated. The type of the monster (Fairy, Dragon, etc) can be seen as a Pokemon Type.

Yu-Gi-Oh is pretty similar to the Pokemon TCG in many ways. Attack is the power of moves, Defense is HP, etc etc. Yu-Gi-Oh is probably aimed more at older players, maybe late teens. Pokemon ranges, but if you're getting competitive, it usually goes up into early teens to adulthood. Yu-Gi-Oh is complicated, but not /hard/. Once you learn how to play it strategically, you pretty much can easily handle anything, like competitive battling. I don't really think competitive battling is hard either; I've had more trouble with in game trainers than veteran competitive battlers. The environment is harsh though, so I stay away from people like that.

I'm not much for Digimon, ha ha. No offense to the players, but when I learned every Digimon ended with "mon" I loled pretty hard. It doesn't really affect the game play, just kinda funny to me. :P

I'm not saying we shouldn't have them, I'm just saying I don't like them. One monster game is enough for me. xD
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