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Default Re: Pokemon Similar Games/Knock-Offs?

You can't really loosely compare a few aspects of the games and then say that they're similar. Saying that spell cards could be seen as statuses, and that attack and defense relate to the power of moves and HP is really vague since they're general aspects of the game. They are the equivalent of the same ideas that every single strategy/fighter/rts/fps/etc use. The concepts of having health, power, and special traits, something which is common to more than half the games that exist, don't relate two games.

Following that logic, I could argue that the CoD series is similar to YGO because there are different strength weapons with different stats. Attachments for guns could be seen as equip spell cards. Perks could be seen as a spell card or a Trainer card. You have health in CoD, just like your lifepoints in YGO. There are bad guys in YGO and bad guys in CoD. I could continue all day. Relating these generic parts of a game doesn't make them similar, because they are an underlying feature that these games need and we take for granted. It's like saying that two people look similar because they both have eyes, a nose, and a mouth.

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