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Default Re: The Hunger Games [RP]

Michael Knight from District Two/ Ichiru Kagami from District Three/ Kiseki Kagami from District Four

The next morning, Ichiru and Kiseki both snapped awake at the sudden horrible scream that filled the air. Kiseki was a bit alarmed at first when he noticed that Caroline wasn't beside him, but a few seconds later he noticed her standing near the stream.

The sound of a cannon followed shortly after, and Michael's eyes shot open.

"Ashley!" Caroline's scream alarmed Ichiru, who quickly rose to his feet along with Kiseki. Both of them stopped, and Kiseki glanced back at Ichiru, who gave him a mere nod. Kiseki hesitated, but returned it shortly after and turned back around to go after Caroline. Ichiru turned his attention to Michael, who had quickly gotten up after he was awoken and retrieved his sword from its place beside him.

"Go on ahead with Kiseki and Caroline. I'll stay here with Amelia."

Ichiru looked as though he wanted to protest, but instead gave a nod.

"If someone shows up, don't hesitate to attack, got it?"

"Don't worry, I will. We'll be fine." Michael gave him a reassuring smile, and after a few more moments' hesitation, Ichiru turned and ran after Kiseki and Caroline.

Kiseki had almost caught up with Caroline when what sounded like low growling reached his ears. He slowed down somewhat in caution, but didn't stop he steady advance toward the woods.

Only seconds later, he saw what the source of the growl was - a pack of wolves had surrounded Caroline just outside of the woods. The blonde was standing in the midst of them with her daggers, and the wolves had begun to circle her as if trying to prevent her from going any further.


Kiseki took out his own dagger and was just about to attack the wolf closest to him when the one furthest away started to lunge. His right hand seemed to move on its own, grabbing one of his throwing knives and tossing it straight at the wolf. He didn't know if it was luck or skill, but the knife struck the wolf right in the forehead, and it fell to the ground motionlessly.

Kiseki's action caught the other wolves' attention,and two of them instantly turned on him. He slashed at one that jumped from in front of him with the dagger, but was unable to catch the second, which came from his right. He winced in pain as the canine's teeth caught his arm, but thanks to his quick reflexes he was able to avoid having his arm captured in its jaws.

The wolf which had bitten him turned on its heel and started for him again, but just when it started to lunge, its growl became a yelp of pain as Ichiru appeared behind it and stabbed it with a knife.

The older twin stood at Kiseki's side with three knives in each hand, as the animal fell to the ground with the other fallen wolves, looking at each of the remaining ones in turn to see which would make the first move. If they were lucky, maybe they would just run away... That didn't seem very likely, though. Not here.

"If we're not lucky enough to have the rest of the wolves flee before we kill them, once most of them are taken out, the two of you should go ahead to find Ashley."

Kiseki instantly looked at him in protest.

"No way. I'm not leaving you here alone no matter how many wolves are left."

"We can't waste time, Kiseki. We don't know if that cannon was for Ashley or not. There's still a chance that she's alive! And if she is, someone needs to be there to help her fend off enemies. We can't waste time taking care of a small problem like this."

Kiseki scowled, stubbornly averting his gaze to the wolves. His voice seemed to drop an octave with the change his personality seemed to undergo.

"In that case, let's just take out these wolves quickly."

Caitlyn Walker from District Seven

The battle which suddenly broke out between Keiru and the remaining tributes from Nine and Ten happened so quickly that Caitlyn was unable to fully process everything that had happened. One minute they were walking through the woods, and the next there was blood and fighting. Even now that the severely injured tributes had retreated into the woods, she was still shocked from the intensity of the event and the speed at which it had occurred.

Her gaze had fallen to the severed hand that lay in bloodstained snow when the crunching that accompanies one's footsteps brought her to look back up at Keiru, who had approached her and was offering the sword he had taken from Nine with a grin.

She managed to give him a smile in response - mostly out of relief that he had survived such a situation - and took the sword after strapping the bow to her back. The apprehensive look that suddenly came on to Keiru's face made her smile disappear quickly, her own expression shifting to one of concern.

"We'll probably want to get moving as quickly as possible, we wouldn't want anymore surprises." He spoke before she could question him, eyes locked on where the two tributes had disappeared into the woods. "I got a bit lucky that they weren't that well coordinated. That wasn't a lethal blow I struck, so Nine will be out of action for a while."

Caitlyn looked at the ground momentarily before the sound of a cannon ripped through the air, bringing her to look back up sharply.

"Somebody else died..." Keiru muttered her very thoughts as he looked at the sky with narrowed eyes. Caitlyn tightened her grip on the sword in her hand, lowering her gaze from the sky to Keiru. She noticed the wound on his arm and frowned.

"Will you be alright with that? It doesn't look too deep, but maybe it should still be tended to."

OOC: Caitlyn's part sucked >< I feel bad for killing the wolves... xD
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