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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Red Version

Location: Outside the pokemon center.

(Left Behind)

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Nothing happens as Markus soul floats there.
"Your in that place because your filled with nothing but hate. Being relaxed right now does not change the fact your whole being is built on hate and fear..." Scar sighs.
"Your are going to have to see Giratina...because this gate will not open unless you have truly forgiven everyone who has wronged you." Behind Markus a new path way opens up. On the other end of this gate are bodies stacked in the thousands. Hands slowly move that let you know the people are still alive in those piles.

Scar appears on the other end.
"Crossing over to this side, means what you will lose apart of you, but you maybe able to get free to of this underworld."

*Power Plant Island.* A place where the tall grass seems to have grown 12 feet off the ground. In the tall grasses Electric pokemon seems to run free. The magnetic energy seems to attract them from old over Kanto.

Max stands in the tall grass looking at Gold and Markus.
"We are hear because I had a vision about this place that was terrifying..If the vision was right we are going to find something terrifying in there. It would have been wrong to just skip over it..."

Markus (DD) smiled as he felt the energy coming from the place. Team Rocket in this world had grown so much stronger withouth him. Dredd smiles as he feels the power of the stone surging through his body. Markus's Blastiose now moved along side, more powerful than it have ever been. There was a great energy in here...Dredd could feel it and the stone could feel it. Dredd could feel Golds thoughts..Gold believe Max to be more angry that Markus. The idea was silly to him. Markus was the angriest person on the whole planet.
"Max, I dont like that you dragged us out here because you had a feeling about this place. You are putting all of us in danger."

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