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Default Re: Winter Forum FFA: TURN 7


A few more Pokemon went down, smashed with attacks. The cyber duck took down the tyrant with a steady stream on confusing colors, while the Pokemon of night snuck up behind a calm candle and snuffed it out.

Aside from that, the majority of the battle took a break. The Pokemon, nearly all of them, sat down and meditated. Very calmly, very quietly.

Even the Bomb's explosion of poisonous gas couldn't phase them.

The Referee, scratching his head, primed a bomb and tossed it down into the field. It bounced a few times before landing in the coils of a leafy snake. The snake was mildly concerned with the sudden presence behind it, but largely ignored the improvised explosive. It's Trainer, however, was a little less nonchalant.

Porgyon-Z uses Signal Beam on Tyranitar!
Tyranitar is KOd! EmmySCx out. $8,500 awarded.
Kingdra A uses Rain Dance!
Rain begins to fall!
Togekiss uses Aura Sphere on Lucario!
Sub shatters.
Gallade B uses Calm Mind!
Cradily uses Hidden Power on Clefable!
It's Super Effective!
Sub shatters.
Serperior uses Coil!
Xatu uses Reflect!
Lucario uses Calm Mind!
Gallade A uses Calm Mind!
Gardevoir uses Calm Mind!
Clefable uses Softboiled!
Litwick uses Calm Mind!
Umbreon uses Faint Attack on Litwick!
Litwick is KOd! The Miz out. $9,000

Rain continues to fall...
Clefable is hurt by poison.
Togekiss's Reflect ends!
The Bomb explodes on Clefable!
But it has no effect...
gliscorman rolled 1 12-sided die: *6
Serperior has the Bomb!

Kingdra A 100% [807] Atk/Spe +1 Sub
Porygon-Z 68.75% [558] SpA +3 Def/Spe +2 Sub
Gallade B 68.75% [389] Atk/SpA/SpD +3 Def +2 Spe +1 Sub
Togekiss 100% [389] LS-4 Atk/SpA/SpD +2 Def/Spe +1 Sub
Cradily 100% [370] SpA +1 SpD/Spe +2 Sub Ingrain
Serperior 75% [325] Atk/Def/Acc +1 Sub BOMB
Xatu 100% [289] SpA/SpD +3 Ref-1 Sub
Lucario 100% [279] Atk/Def +1 SpA/SpD +2
Gallade A 100% [259] Atk +4 SpA/SpD +3
Gardevoir 100% [259] SpA/SpD +4 Sub Multiscale
Clefable 81.47% [219] SpA +3 Def +2 Tox-3
Umbreon 93.75% [115] Atk/Def +2 Spe -2 Sub

12/31 Pokemon Remaining
Send your moves to me by 24 hours (5 PM GMT -5).
If I missed anything, call it to my attention. It will be edited.
It is your responsibility to check for edits, as the deadline will not change.
You must wait until after the FFA to claim your winnings.
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