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Default February Promotions

As we all know, the next generation of Pokemon games has been announced. Unlike before, they'll be release simultaneously worldwide this October. Every fan around the globe will be able to embark on a new adventure without being badly spoiled beforehand.

That's being said, we'll also be losing the lead time we normally have to adapt the new generation into our current Ultra RPG system.

Luckily for us, we have a few new hands to help us along the way.

Introducing our New Officials:


Kevin has been a Ultra RPG veteran for many years now and a dedicated member of our family. He's always willing to help out those who need it and actively works to improve our community. His many ideas and his determined nature will help the us continue to walk forward in our Pokemon adventure. I'm proud to announce his promotion to Official.

Princess Crow

Hannah is our newest rising star and certainly one full of energy and talent. For months now, she has led the Stories section, carrying on the legacy of Alaska, Emma, Kat, George, and those before her. Ready to handle any challenge and eager to assist, she is a natural candidate for leadership and I want to welcome her to our team.

Additionally, we have a returning member who has recently become active. I'd like to welcome back Dog of Hellsing to our leadership team. Jess has always been a member I've relied on and her talent in the field of roleplaying is unmatched. I am happy to see her joining us out again. She'll be leading as an Ultra RPG Official and Co-Head of the National Park.

Please join me in congratulating our Officials!
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