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Default Re: Pokemon Similar Games/Knock-Offs?

Originally Posted by Yoshi256 View Post
Do you realise that statement contradicts itself? You can't really know a "lot" about something if you've played a "little". Just wanted to point that out there
Yu-Gi-Oh, complicated as it is to master, doesn't take much to grab a hold of a common knowledge of. I've played a little here and there, but grasping knowledge isn't difficult, or nine year old kids wouldn't play it.

Oh wait. Aren't you comparing Yugioh to the actual Pokemon games? Pokemon's TCG is realistically a spin-off OF the thing it's about, so...that, and I'm not even sure which one you're talking about any more (the woe of listening to someone so young...).
As is the Yu-Gi-Oh anime to the card game. Your point?

Either way, it's not too easy to not compare these two things, but to say that Yugioh is a SPIN-OFF is too much, since the main Pokemon games and the Yugioh TCG are just too different:
Monsters - PKMN: 6, YGO: Usually up to 20.
Combat system - PKMN: (Passive) Abilities, stats, moves (of different types and power) and typing. YGO: Monster effects, traps & spells, and simple attack power.
Progression - PKMN: Experience and levels. YGO: Uhh...wins?
Winning conditions - PKMN: Health of all your mons (your mons, not the trainer itself) YGO: Life points (of the player, not the monsters)
There are more things that are just too different to say Yugioh's a spin-off of Pokemon
The games aren't as similar to the card game as the Pokemon TCG is. I stated that in my post before yours. Did you even read it? I also said Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon had their differences, but the big picture is the same. Having monsters and battling with them to become the best, clear the world of evil or what have you from whatever game. I also stated (before you rashly try to argue this), that Pokemon was most likely not the first to come up with this concept.

Can't comment on that, but knock-off? You've got to be kidding said you played it right? How can Yugioh be a knock-off of Pokemon? Just tell me (and spare me the whole similar gameplay. What about the internals? The differences between the use of Pokemon and the ideas of Yugioh or whatever else)
In hindsight, knock-off was a bad word to use. Pokemon knock-offs are boot leg games like Chaos Black. However, Yu-Gi-Oh still bears striking resemblance in the goal as Pokemon does. Collect, trade, and battle.

Near perfect?
-The fact that Pokemon cards (the actual "monsters" in the game) have health while almost every other TCG I know of doesn't include that? That's a major difference.
Did you think I was referring to baseball card trading? Ha ha, no. Of all of the games that have monsters with HP (life points or what have you) all are similar. The main goal is similar. Not the whole thing is just copied. All stated in my previous post.

-Pokemon cards have many 'mons of the same type but simply have different moves, while there are many more Yugioh monsters, each copy having the same effect, ATK and DEF points (and level and more).
Exactly where did I say they were the exact same thing in every detail? Attack is the power of the attack in both games. Defense is the amount of damage it can take before fainting/dying/being removed from play/to the graveyard/etc.

-Cards needed to let your Pokemon do more powerful moves? Only uses the idea of costs that's within TCG's (which you did kinda say), but the fact it's an attack being similar to monster effects from Yugioh? That's a fair bit of a difference.
Moving on from the TCG, the in-game Pokemon have abilities, like the Monster have effects. Also stated earlier.

But one thing I have to say before I finish off: Did you actually check all your dates? Yeah. Pokemon started in 1996, but Yugioh also started in that same year. Sure it matured into what it is now, but the fact still stands that it did start the same year as Pokemon.
The anime was released in 1998. That's what I was referring to. Pokemon was in development from 1990 on, and Mew was patented early 1994. Not to mention, the original Red and Green was released in 1995. Did you check your dates as well?

Can you again tell me how much you think Yugioh is a "spin-off" or "knock-off" of Pokemon again?
It is a similar game to Pokemon. Pokemon was released earlier, so Yu-Gi-Oh had time to snatch some ideas (possible, possibly not). Still very similar point-wise. Point as in, the point of the game.

This thread has started to amuse me, and you remaining silent will be the best fun of all
Did you really think I wouldn't respond? You must be new here. B)

-Different monsters, card designs, and names? Makes me wonder: Is what's in your head a brain or a pea?
In case you haven't read the rules, you cannot insult another member. You may present your argument validly, without attacking someone's character. I'll excuse you, this time, and leave you with this warning.
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