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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Johto: Silver Version (Open!)

Location: A farm..


The grizzled the old man took one look at you and spit on the ground in front of you.

"Ma, bring my gun!"

Having heard this Lee takes a few steps back.

"Youll know what we hate most out in here in the country..City slickers like you with your greecey two cent smile and your polished words. Us country down right dont like your type anit we aint buyin whatever it is your sellin ! "

Behind the house Seth had collected enough Moo Milk to heal all their pokemon. As he left the cooler he noticed another building. He slipped in finding that it had been a place for incubating pokemon eggs. Seth grinned picking up three. His hands were almost full. As he walked out he could hear someone shouting. Seth snuck up close enough to listen to what the old man was saying. Lee getting told off was a hilarious. Seth fought off the erg to laught his brains out.

As Seth snuck away he realized this was the best moment to get rid of Lee. He placed the eggs on the ground and called out haunter. Haunter came out with a big smile on its face. Seth looked at it.
"Now I need you to go over and spook the Miltank. I dont care what happens to everyone else just spook them when you hear my voice. After they start to stampede head back over to me asap!" Seth points out where he is going to be running.

Haunter drifted out into the field unnoticed.

One it was in place Seth let out a call.
"Paw, that their bandit and his friends are miltank ranglers ! they be trying to rob us !" while the voice wasnt very good. The cantankerous old man heard what he wanted to hear.

As Lee stood thier. The farmers wife came gunning out with a the shot gun.

The girls had been to far away to here what was going on. Alyssa waited in the tall grass watching. Her eyes moved as she noticed something moving around. As the creature came out the grass she noticed it was a Huanter..The Huanter let out a might scream causing the peaceful Miltank stampeding. The girls were forced to move back as some of the Miltank started to turn on them !

The old man grabbed the run firing at Lee, who had lucky jumped out of the way. His powers had helped him deflect the blast but that had been all luck. His energy was now almost drained. As Lee found a space under the porch . The old man called to him.
"Boy you just got yourself into a mess a trouble."

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