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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Johto: Silver Version (Open!)

Location: A farm..


The farmer fired a shot in stairs. The shot missed him. Lee noticed that the gun wasnt loaded with bullets it was filled wit rock salt which couldnt kill him but it would hurt if part of it hit him. Realizing that gave him a second for his heart to slow down. As he shifted around he noticed the dust being kicked up. He then saw the Miltank running out. The stampede had started.

As Seth walked down the road he heard the second shot. He cringed thinking the farmer may not be just trying warn him. Seth paused to think about his options. If he continues you on he has the eggs and the Moo Milk but the others may be injured or killed. There was no way he could reach his goals alone...let alone seek the Chrome Leaders without having something worth stealing, especially if the rest team was dead.
He sighed.
"Damn Alyssa!"

Seth put the eggs to side of the road and headed back over.

Back at the home
The farmer called out
"Boy, If you dont surrender right now youll be shot, stuffed and hung above my fire place !"

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