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Default Re: Signature and Tutored Moves

Hammuhyd (Male Gabite)
Sand Veil
Sig Move: N/A
Tutor Move: N/A
Obtained as Starter.
Evolved at the Evolution Dojo

NEW SIGGY: Predator's Ocular
Description: A predator learns to survive by killing prey. Prey learn to survive by either being too tough to dare attack or too fast to dare hit. If a predator cannot adapt to the speed and resilience of his foe, it will surely die out as a species. So a predator adapts.

For Hammuhyd, his adaption was a keener eye than most of his kind. Indeed, a very, very keen eye. He has a knack of picking out details, some almost invisible to the (typically) untrained eye of his kindred species. Of course, it would have to be taken a step further to be useful: Just because a sharp eye exists doesn't mean it will serve a purpose unless its trained to spot certain things. In this case, the most important, most vulnerable, and most dangerous to hit spot on the targets body, using similar characteristics, a good grasp on biology, and a predator's instincts to pick them out.

In battle, in order to use this, Hammuhyd must pick a singular target. It doesn't exactly appear as if he's doing anything other than vigorously inspecting the foe he targets-he doesn't move himself, but rather, simply examines exactly who his foe is-and where it would best be nailed. It would appear that there aren't any immediate consequences: He just looked at you. In all aspects, it would appear as if he wasted a turn doing nothing. However, his immediate next move proves this theory ultimately wrong: the next attack he does homes in on his target, almost magnetically, and automatically hits that hugely vulnerable critical point. It doesn't end there: For a good time afterwards, that point is going to stick in Hammuhyd's head and he will have a terribly easier time hitting them, further allowing for his opponent to hate on the Land Shark as he attempts to brutally shred you into his next Christmas ribbons. Clones might interfere at first, but Hammuhyd's training can allow for him to identify the real one...It's a bit more tedious, though.

Type: Normal (Why would it be anything else?)
BP:...You're joking, right?
Accuracy: 100%
Classification: Status
Energy Mod: +9% to the next used attack. On top of that, +2% for each clone of the target on the field, if any.
Priority: 0
Effect: Next action, Hammuhyd is guaranteed to land a critical hit on the enemy with any physical move (IE, Earthquake, Dragon Rush). This effect does not work if the move is a status move or a special move, but the energy cost still applies. This effect identifies clones on the field and will target the real user, regardless of the move used after Predator's Ocular. After Predator's Ocular is used, Hammuhyd also has his critical hit level raised by two (Like if it used Focus Energy). this effect is also regardless of the move used after Predator's Ocular, but this effect immediately wears off once the opponent leaves the field.
Usage Gap: 2 Rounds after the opponent targeted leaves the field.

...OK, hoping for approval. Or alternatively, what I should edit to gain approval.
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