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Originally Posted by Charmander009 View Post
Emma eagerly takes your hand, and together the three of you continue back out to the main road, carefully picking your way through the prickly undergrowth. You find it easier to breath once you've left that eerie grove behind you, and though the skies are still clouded it seems much brighter outside. While you allow yourself to relax somewhat, you keep a sharp eye out for any wild Pokemon. Emma is quiet, staying close to the both of you as she watches the road ahead.

She lets out a gasp as something suddenly flies right past your faces. Everyone tenses for a few wary moments, but then you relax as you identify the fast moving blur.

Emma braves a shaky laugh, acting sheepish with her reaction. But soon, more shapes start zooming across the road, earning another shriek from her.

A small squadron of Ledyba are playing on the road, having airborne races. Some take notice of you and fly over with cheerful expressions. They look eager to play with you.

Wild Ledyba appeared! Write a battle in order to capture them!
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JC looked up the road. Normally playful pokemon would make him smile but he still felt kinda off about the hole he had dug up. The ledyba were cool, but were not strong enough for this mission. As the Ledybe flew around the team looking for battles. JC looks up.
"Sorry guys, we can't play right now. We are on an important mission!"

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