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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Red Version

Location: Outside the pokemon center.

(Left Behind)

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Max looked down at the Spirit.
"Yes. That's... me." I'm... dead.." she said.
Her words made Max cringe. He wanted to scream out. He looked at Moon for a moment confused about how he felt. It had not been her fault but she had been here for this. The full picture had not been clear yet.

Moon who had been standing close broke down and ran out of the room. In that moment of realizing what had happened the team almost forgot about the freezing room. Spin took off to follow her.

Max looked at Gold and Markus.
"Gold you are right, you two need to find the security system..or some sort of control panel because It looks like she is frozen in there. We dont want risk hurting her to get her out of there."

Max looked at the Spirit.
"The tubes that are connected to these tanks lead to a room. Help me follow them and we should be able to figure out how to thaw your..body.." Max tries his best .

Spirit takes off following the tubes. Moving in and out of the walls to help Max keep up. She makes her way down a hall stopping as she reaches a strange chamber. Wires and tubes seem to go everywhere. In the center of the room is a some sort of tank. The bright blue light is blinding. Spirit finds the room before Max can catch up. She is the first to see the Legendary Bird Articuno trapped in the glass seems to be floating there lifeless.

Markus(DD) looks at Gold.
"Alright, if they are following the tubes, maybe we should follow the power cords to where they lead to. "


Markus soul floats through the h*ll like dimension.

Scar walks along trying to help keep you focused...a small flicker in reality seems to alert Scar to something.
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