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Default Re: (SABI) Neku vs. TE

Draco [Dratini]
Ability: Shed Skin
Signature Move: None
71% HP || 78% Eng
Status: -1 ATK
'Let's try this AGAIN...'

Substitute @ 1%/Dragon Tail~Thunder Wave/Dragon Rush

[Lang] Shinx (M)
Ability: Intimidate
Signature Move: N/A
HP: 82% | Eng: 49%
Status: N/A
'Lucky snake got lucky!'

Tackle~Toxic/Ice Fang

Draco's first attempt may have been foiled, but the idea and the sight of Lang attacking a fake version of himself was all that more amusing. He had no idea he was expending more energy than he could have been. Mustering up a tiny bit more energy, the Dratini recreated another version of himself, purposely making it look a derpy as possible. The fake looked entirely ridiculous as it looked at Lang funny, hunched over with boggled eyes.

Draco used Substitute! Draco -1 Energy, -1HP. Substitute +1HP.

LAng wasn't impressed by it, but knew Draco was only hiding behind a mirror image of himself. However, Lang wasn't going to waste his frosty tooth might on him again, nope. Instead he was going to use the most basic of basic moves, just to send an indirect message to him. The Shinx lunged forward, gaining some speed as he rammed into the substitute. The substitute flew in a head over heals motion before it exploded into dust. Lang felt good, but was wondering just how hard he hit that thing to send it blasting off again.

Lang used Tackle! Lang -10 Energy. Sub -8 HP. Substitute broke!

Draco was pleased, a bit unusually pleased. He looked at Lang, swinging his head in a circullar motion as if an Ekans charmer had him under a musical spell. Waving the tip of his tail around, another wall of electrical static came before the dragon. With a sassy twist and snap of his tail, it was sent careening right into Lang. Lang didn't have time to move before he was hit with the same tactic as before again. Static jumped from the bristled fur on his body, to his ears and end of his tail. Lang growled, not this again!

Draco used Thunder Wave. Draco -4 Energy. Lang became paralyzed!

Lang stood there for a bit as Draco seemed to laugh at him. Lang remembered he escaped the grip of lathargic helplessness before, and he was going to do it again. If they were going to play repetitive insults, then he wasn't going to miss out. The Shinx fought back the excess electricity, looking like he was going to try and spit something up in the process. Draco had no idea what he was doing, and was puzzled by the ridiculous expression on his opponents face. As Draco leaned in that bit closer, Lang threw his head back and spat out purple vile liquid at Draco. Draco sputtered and wiped it from his face, angered he fell for the same trick twice.

Paralysis Roll was 1226 where any result less than or equal to 5000 resulted in Lang successfully carrying out its orders.
Lang used Toxic! Lang -6 Energy. Draco became badly poisoned!

Draco glowered at Lang, but he knew that just because he was hit, didn't mean it was going to last. He felt a cooling sensation overcome his body once again, and before the feverish poisons could set in, Draco was given a clean bill of health. Lang wasn't impressed, and was starting to feel fatigue creep up on him.

Draco's Shed Skin cured it of Toxic status!

Draco [Dratini]
Ability: Shed Skin
Signature Move: None
71% HP || 73% Eng
Status: -1 ATK
'This is more like it!'

[Lang] Shinx (M)
Ability: Intimidate
Signature Move: N/A
HP: 82% | Eng: 33%
Status: PAR 1 Action
'Okay, I'm kinda tired now...'


Critical hit rolled a 3890, where rolling 625 or less resulted in a critical hit.
Accuracy rolled a 68 where rolling more than 100 resulted in this action missing the target.

Thunder Wave:
Accuracy rolled a 95 where rolling more than 100 resulted in this action missing the target.

Accuracy rolled a 78 where rolling more than 90 resulted in this action missing the target.

Shed Skin:
Rolled from 1-10. Result 1. Shed Skin cures Draco of all status ailments.

Seriously Lang does not want to be paralyzed. ><

Neku your moves please.
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