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Default Re: The Hunger Games [RP]

(Awwww XD)

Ashley Mellark and Jeremy Mellark from District Twelve

Jeremy desperately wanted to make his way back to the cave which him and his sister had spent the night in but knew that action was too risky, simply because he didn't know how long Matt and Coral had been tracking them. Jeremy feared that Matt would know where he would take his sister, bringing Jeremy to make a last minute decision. Instead of heading down the path which would take him to the cave he made a left which would take him through another part of the woods, bringing Ashley to look up at her brother in confusion.

"Where are we going?" Ashley forced out through the pain. "The cave is the other way."

"If we go back to the cave then there's a chance Matt could be waiting for us. Even though he's injured he still might pull a surprise attack on us." Jeremy responded with a shake of his head.

"True." Ashley agreed. "We need to find somewhere to patch up my wound though. I'm getting dizzy from the blood-loss." Ashley's words made Jeremy clench his jaw as he scanned his surrounds, already seeing a small clearing through the woods. He quickly but carefully made his way towards the edge of the woods where a tunnel in a small mountain could be seen, the male hurrying over towards the shelter. He paused at the entrance and saw that the wide tunnel led somewhere, though he didn't know where but took note to explore it once he patched up his sister's wound.

"We'll camp right here for now. We're about a quarter mile from the river, so we still have a food and water supply." Jeremy said as he moved deeper into the tunnel and carefully placed down his sister in the snow.

"Okay good." Ashley said, though her tone was weak. Jeremy then flung the backpacks on the ground and searched through Coral's first, finding a half gallon of water, a small blanket, a package of crackers and a red pocket knife.

"There's hardly anything in here." Jeremy growled, pulling out a broken syringe. On the label it read 'Will Recover ANY Sickness', to which Jeremy cursed as Ashley looked at him in confusion. "If your wound got infected then you could had used this."

"I'll be fine." Ashley reassured her brother as he threw the broken syringe against the tunnel's wall. Jeremy didn't respond however as he sat next to his bleeding sister and quickly went through his own bag, pulling out the sewing kit and quickly went at work. After about ten minutes of carefully sewing his sister's wound shut Jeremy took the small blanket that was in Coral's backpack and ripped the end off, tying it around Ashley's stomach and over the wound. Even though Ashley did her best not to show it, Jeremy knew his sister was in pain, the male mentally cursing in his head that there wasn't a thing he could do.

"I'm gonna go gather some wood and make a fire for us so we can cook a fish or two. Stay here and rest." Jeremy said, bringing Ashley to nod.

Caroline Hawthorne from District Four/Ashley Mellark and Jeremy Mellark from District Twelve

"Caroline!" The blonde's grip around her daggers tightened when she heard Kiseki call out her name, though she didn't dare take her attention away from the wolves. When a few started attacking both Kiseki and Ichiru however Caroline sprang forward, slashing her daggers at the remaining three wolves as they growled.

"If we're not lucky enough to have the rest of the wolves flee before we kill them, once most of them are taken out, the two of you should go ahead to find Ashley." Caroline heard Ichiru say just as a wolf leaped up in the air and lunged towards her throat, though she quickly ducked in the snow and jammed her dagger through the wolf's stomach. The wolf gave out a yelp in pain before collapsing in the snow, a puddle of warm blood pooling around the dead animal's body as the two remaining wolves snarled in rage.

"No way. I'm not leaving you here alone no matter how many wolves are left." Kiseki protested.

"We can't waste time, Kiseki. We don't know if that cannon was for Ashley or not. There's still a chance that she's alive! And if she is, someone needs to be there to help her fend off enemies. We can't waste time taking care of a small problem like this." Ichiru responded as Caroline stood to her feet, locking her eyes with the remaining two wolves.

"In that case, let's just take out these wolves quickly." Kiseki said. As if they understood him, the two wolves suddenly sprang towards Kiseki at the same time.

"No!" Caroline shouted, throwing the dagger in her right hand which impaled the wolf closer to Kiseki right in the side of the head and fell to the ground. The remaining single wolf suddenly turned and ran right for Caroline, the blonde not having time to throw her second dagger as the wolf slammed its body right into hers. Caroline went crashing into the snow and smashed her head against a tree, a daze falling over her as she tried her best to focus her vision. Her vision finally cleared just as the wolf leaped towards her, the only thing Caroline being able to do was ducking at the last possible second. The wolf crashed into the tree at full speed as a sickening crack filled the air, the wolf breaking its neck by its own force and falling to the side of Caroline.

"That's what you get." Caroline growled as she stood to her feet, the blonde rubbing the back of her head where she felt a lump already beginning to form. She paid that no attention however as she looked at all the dead wolf bodies, then her attention shifting to Kiseki and Ichiru as she walked over towards the one wolf and retrieved her dagger. "I guess we can skin them for fur and actually cook up their meat when we come back." Caroline then looked in the direction where she heard Ashley's scream, seeing a hovercraft appear in the distance and retrieved a dead body. Caroline couldn't tell if it was Ashley's body she was seeing since they were still a distance away, though the sight of the body made Caroline's jaw clench as she ran towards the direction of the hovercraft.

Caroline stayed towards the edge of the river as she ran so she wouldn't get lost in the thick forest, and after running for what felt like forever she finally came to a stop when she saw a fight had clearly taken place. Various sizes of blood puddles stained the snow as Caroline glanced around for any clues of who had died, though she couldn't find anything at first. Her attention shifted towards droplets of blood however along with a set of footprints walking away from the scene, bringing Caroline's grip to tighten around her daggers' handles as she cautiously followed the blood path and footprints.

Both the blood and footprints then led into the woods which Caroline continued to follow, the blonde not having to walk far until the woods ended where she saw a small fire inside a tunnel. Caroline looked and saw that in the tunnel was none other than Ashley and Jeremy, the two Tributes finishing a couple of fish.

"Ashley! Jeremy!" Caroline shouted. The Mellark siblings quickly looked up and saw Caroline running towards them, relief flashing through all of them. Jeremy stood up and was about to run out of the tunnel until suddenly the snow from the small mountain the tunnel ran through fell in front of the entrance like an avalanche, the Gamemakers aware of the alliance and wanting to keep Ashley and Jeremy separated from the others.

"Caroline!" Ashley shouted in shock, the tunnel's entrance now being covered in snow and ice.

"No!" Caroline screamed, beginning to dig through the thick wall of snow and ice to try and reach her friends. The only light in the tunnel now came from the small fire Ashley and Jeremy had, bringing Jeremy to take out one of the longer thick branches from the fire and held it like a torch, the Tribute walking towards the snowy wall.

"There's no way we can dig ourselves out of here, Caroline. The snow and ice is far too thick." Jeremy shouted so Caroline could hear him.

"I'm not just going to leave you guys in there!" Caroline shouted back, both their voices being muffled from the snow. Jeremy looked behind him, seeing a feint light at the very end of the tunnel.

"I think this tunnel leads to a way out. Can you meet us on the other side?" Jeremy asked. Caroline took a few steps back to look at her surroundings, though mountains would be blocking her way. If she could use the tunnel which cut directly in the middle of the mountain then it would be about a quarter mile of a walk, but if she went around the mountains and thick forest to reach the other end of the tunnel then that was at least a seven mile walk.

"I can walk around the mountains and meet you at the other side." Caroline responded.

"That will take far too long." Jeremy shook his head. "Ashley and I will follow the tunnel to see where it leads us. Meet us at the Cornucopia like we planned."

"Are you sure there isn't a way to break through this wall?" Caroline asked as she placed her hand on top of the snow.

"It will take days to dig out of here, so if Ashley and I follow the tunnel then we can make it to the Cornucopia by tomorrow afternoon." Jeremy said as he looked over towards his sister, who nodded in agreement.

"Fine." Caroline sighed. "Who died? We heard the cannon and saw the hovercraft get the body."

"Ashley killed Coral." Jeremy explained. "Her and Matt jumped us, but we fended them off. Matt got away, though he's injured."

"Did Ashley get hurt? I followed a blood path along with only one set of footprints, which means you must had carried her since the footprints were too big to be her own." Caroline responded. Jeremy was silent for a few moments, Ashley shaking her head towards Jeremy.

"Lie." Ashley whispered. "We don't need her to worry."

"She's fine." Jeremy began, doing his best to keep his voice steady. "Ashley got a deep cut on her arm but I patched it up, which was why you were able to follow a blood trail. I carried her however because she twisted her ankle, but she'll be fine."

"I'll be okay, Caroline." Ashley finally spoke, to which Caroline nodded.

"Okay. Get to the Cornucopia as soon as you can. If you aren't there in two days, we'll come looking for you." Caroline said.

"Be careful." Ashley responded.

"You too." Caroline said before turning around, beginning to make her way back towards the woods where she would follow her own footprints. Jeremy sighed as he walked back over to his sister, kneeling down and handing her the lit torch.

"I'll pack up and then we'll make our way towards that light."

"Okay." Ashley responded to her brother's words, the brunette doing her best to ignore the pain on her side.
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