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Default Valentine's Day Event.

You stand in the new clearing, soft grass beneath your feet and a slight breeze made the trees around you sing a mellow tune. The sun was shining and many of the other trainers were releasing their Pokemon from their Pokeballs to enjoy the sunshine before the battles officially kicked off.

Just then, you saw a dark shape running through the forest at amazing speeds. Visible for only a brief moment, you already knew it was Mewtwo, attracted to the island by your activity here. Feeling slightly uneasy, you released one of your own Pokemon, just in case worst came to worst and you had to battle the intimidating foe.

No one else seemed to notice him.

You reach into your back pack as you sit in the grass. Pulling out a small lunch and a bag of Pokemon food, you begin to relax, letting the intensity of battle and the stress of the Contest escape your thoughts. You looked to the left, deep into the forest, and see two bright blue specks--so small and far away they were nearly unnoticeable.

Just then, a sound resembling nails on a chalk board is heard thought the clearing. As all the other trainers cover their ears, the Pokemon stand up-right, instinctively taking battle stances. But--some of the Pokemon are encased with the same blue light you saw deep within the forest. A small amount of Pokeballs from Trainers' belts are lifted into the air as well, and they all were sucked into the forest. A couple people around you yelp, attempting to run into the forest after their stolen Pokemon.

Soon, a soft breeze whips your hair around, and you feel at ease. Your lost Pokemon escapes your mind and for a brief moment, you forget even why you're on this small, beautiful island that hides a dark past.

- Don't worry! You are not permanently loosing your Pokemon -

- Only those who participated in the Mewtwo Invasion are eligible for this event -

- Post any questions you have here, but keep in mind that some will purposefully not be answered-
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