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Default Re: [Mewtwo Invasion] Round 1 - Saraibre Ryu vs. Socratic Sarcasm (Judge: 3m0d0ll).

The gaunt, lab coated trainer smiled most sinisterly at the opposition, his glasses catching the sunlight and obscuring his eyes. His left hand reached into one of the pockets on his lab coat, and almost languidly pulled out a Pokeball. The smirk on his face is even more pronounced when he throws the ball while snickering,"I like fire."

The sphere bursts, revealing a creature with a strong likeness to a chandelier. Unlike the ostentatious lighting devices, though, the being has thoughts. Very evil thoughts, if the wide grin on its face was any indication at all. A sound not unlike the sound of razor dragged on a chalkboard pierces the clearing, before the understanding comes that this creature is cackling.

[Esme] Chandelure (F)
Ability: Flash Fire
Sig Move: None

The man was not looking at all nebbish now. The parody of a smile now on his face inspires wonder that he was ever mistaken for weak. His face somehow matches the madness evident in his Pokemon as he quotes,"But, as Mr. Frost said,'for destruction ice, is also great, and would suffice.'"

The Chandelure seems to understand this as an instruction, albeit a roundabout one. Steadily, the center bulb of the creature fills with an inky, vile miasma, and the thing still just won't stop making that cackling sound. The gas wafts out of the haunted light fixture, slowly making its way toward the Galvantula, the trainers, and the referee. Everyone flinches when the Haze touches them, but it is not destructive on its own. But, it does succeed in completely blocking out what little sun leaked in from the canopy, as well as completely obscuring the location of the somewhat psychotic Pokemon.

And that freaking terrifying sound it's been making seems to be coming from all over the place. No one can place it.



Appeal: Haze.
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