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Default Re: Pokemon Similar Games/Knock-Offs?

As both a Yu-Gi-Oh and pokemon fan boy I must interject...

Originally Posted by Typhlosion Explosion View Post
In hindsight, knock-off was a bad word to use. Pokemon knock-offs are boot leg games like Chaos Black. However, Yu-Gi-Oh still bears striking resemblance in the goal as Pokemon does. Collect, trade, and battle.
By that logic, wouldn't that make Magic the Gathering, and just about every other TCG a rip off of whichever was the first to come out?

Originally Posted by Typhlosion Explosion View Post
Did you think I was referring to baseball card trading? Ha ha, no. Of all of the games that have monsters with HP (life points or what have you) all are similar. The main goal is similar. Not the whole thing is just copied. All stated in my previous post.
That is because they are combat orientated games. Even then, the goal is still different. In Yu-Gi-Oh I can win without killing all of my opponents monsters, or I can kill them all and still not have won, depending on how the game is played. It is the player who must remain protected at all cost in Yu-Gi-Oh. It is the pokemon in Pokemon TCG that must stay alive. The goal is different in the two games. The way to reach that goal is similar. Fighting.

As for the anime, that of YuGiOh tends to be a bit darker than that of Pokemon. I remember that when I was in primary school, Yu-Gi-Oh cards were banned for many reasons. One being that kids were doing Shadow Duels and the younger kids were scared they would lose their soul.

I admit that the whole gym badge/star chips thing is similar, but then again in real life, to make it to the big leagues in sport, music etc anything competitive, you need to prove yourself by beating other people and earning a name for yourself to qualify. If I wanted to be the best soccer player, I would need to start off at the bottom and win titles to move up and become known. To qualify in tournaments I would need to win other matches. Kinda like how Ash needs 8 badges to enter the pokemon league, or Yugi needs 10 star chips to take on Pegasus.

Pokemon shows a world where humans and pokemon generally live in harmony. Yu-Gi-Oh shows a world slightly more advanced than our own, where a childrens card game is taken way too seriously. Most people don't have massive emotional attachments to their Yu-Gi-Oh cards (Except for the main characters, especially Kaiba and his dragon fetish).

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