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Default Re: Char's Crystal Clear Nuzlocke Escapade

Originally Posted by Typhlosion Explosion View Post
The log at the end of the first post killed me. xD

I also really love your header banner! <3

LoL, good--I wasn't sure if I was really all that funny xD

Thanks! Made it myself, aside from the font ;)

<Mmm, yes, I suppose it's decent enough for an amateur. But please, can we get back to the story?>

Fine, pushy :P

<As I was saying, Char gets out of bed one late evening, unable to fall asleep. She glances about her unfamiliar bedroom, but seeing nothing interesting she goes downstairs. There she finds her mother gossiping with one of their neighborhood friends. Goodness knows what they could be talking about at this late hour.>

So… I’m guessing that this is my parental figure? It’s been a while since I’ve played Crystal, but I’m assuming she’s as mysteriously single as always.

“Char, what are you doing up this late? Do you have any idea what time it is?”

What was my excuse again? Oh, right. “Er, I couldn’t sleep.”

“Someone’s getting antsy, it sounds like. It must almost be time to start up a Trainer Journey.”

Who are you again?

<Char, that would be your neighbor.>

Right. Are you always going to be talking in my head like this?

<Most likely. I am, after all, narrating.>

I have SO much to look forward to.

“It very well could be. Oh! That reminds me! Professor Elm was looking for you.”

“He was?” Hmm, I think this is coming back to me.

“He said he wanted you to do something for him.”

“Ah, yes. The old errand run. Alright, I’ll go check it out.”

“At this late hour?”

“Why not?”

“Honey, he’s probably gone to bed.”

“Are you kidding? That guy eats, drinks, and breathes research.”

“You have a point. Well, all right then. Before you go off to do whatever mundane task he has in store for you, I’d better give you this PokeGear. Just got it back from the repair shop, so don’t go breaking it again. It was expensive!”

“Thanks, Mom. I’m sure we’ll have a meaningful talk about expensive things later when you start mooching off my earnings later on. Wait a second, what is this thing?”

“Uh, your PokeGear?”

“This is a PokeGear? It’s the size of Alabama!”

“Really, now, you shouldn’t be so picky! That’s the latest model!”

“That apparently breaks easy.”

“Whose fault was that?”

“I dunno. I just got here.”

“Don’t you have some mundane task to go do?”


“Wait up, Char. I have one last question for you. One VERY important question...”

"Er... yes?"

"I want you to answer me honestly."


"...Do you know how to use your phone?"

"...Bye Mom."

<With that endearing conversation, Char leaves her house and proceeds to Elm’s Lab. It’s dark outside, but the light of the full moon shows her the way.>

Just like I remember. Except there’s so much space.


…Maybe I’m just really tiny. I can’t decide.

<Char enters the laboratory, where, sure enough, Professor Elm and his assistant are busy at work. The unnamed assistant is the first to notice her presence.>

“OMG Char’s here! YAY :D”

“Er, hi. Is Professor Elm—”


“Um, are you feeling all right?”

“I’mtotallyfineI’mrunningoffofeightcupsofcoffeeIca ngoatthisallnight.”

“…Right. I’ll leave you to…whatever it is you’re doing.”

“Okaythnxit’sbusywithjustthetwoofussomuchworktodot odotodo~!”

<A little offset by the assistant’s jittery behavior, Char cautiously continues to the back of the lab. To her relief, Elm is sitting behind his desk looking perfectly sane. But apparently, the scientist is completely oblivious to the time of day. In fact, now that I think about it, I don’t recall seeing a clock anywhere in this laboratory.>

“Oh, hello Char! I was hoping you’d drop by!”

“I heard you were looking for me. What’s up? Got some mundane—I mean, some fulfilling task for me to do?”

“Actually, yes—I do have a favor to ask of you. You see, I’m currently working on a paper to present to a conference next June. But the problem is, despite all the research we have been doing I feel like I’m missing something. There’s just so many mysteries surrounding Pokémon, and I feel like we haven’t even skimmed the surface yet. I’ve decided to conduct one last experiment before I attempt to finish this paper: Char, will you take one of these Pokémon that I’ve just recently captured?”

“Really? Wow, that doesn’t sound mundane at all—I mean, er, that’s a real honor, Professor. I would love to help out your research!”

“Excellent! That’s just what I wanted to hear! Now, if you’ll follow me…”

<Excited, Char eagerly follows the Professor—the time has finally arrived to choose her first Pokemon! On the table before her, she finds 3 Poke Balls.>

“Alright, Char—here are the Pokemon: Cyndiquil, Totodile, and Chikorita. They’re all very young, and have never had a Trainer before. In a way, they’re just like you!"

“Oh, man, I totally know what I’m going to pick! Let’s go with Cyndiquil!”

<Wait, really? The fire-type?>

Uh, der. Of course the fire-type!

<Oh, well… I had assumed you would go for something less… coarse and… unrefined.>


<You need something more dignified and majestic, like a… Oh, I don’t know, a water-type perhaps?>

…You’ve seen Totodile’s evolutions, right? I mean, Feraligatr’s cool and all but hardly… refined… Thanks, but I’ll stick to Cyndiquil.

<Have it your way, then.>

“Excellent choice, Char. Here you go!”

“Thanks, Prof. So what do I need to do now?”

“Whatever you’d like. That Cynidquil is yours to raise. What I’m interested to see is the growth of your Pokemon, and how it bonds to you. If you could write down some observations and visit me every so often, I would greatly appreciate it.”

“Sounds very doable, Professor. Now, let’s see this little fellow.”

<Wwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeyoooooooooo! Wait, who are you people?>

“Did… he just talk?”

“Pardon? I didn’t hear anything…”

<Ah, silly me, I forgot to mention. It would hardly be a Nuzlocke if the Pokémon didn’t have a voice, correct? Unfortunately, only you can hear your Pokemon’s thoughts.>

Okay, that’s cool… I guess.

“Anyway, would you like to give a name to your Cyndiquil?"

“Sure, let’s name him Toby.”

<Toby?! TOBY?! …I can roll with that.>

<…Any particular reason why you named him that?>

*Fire ignites on back* <Weeeeeeeeeyoooooooo!>

…Nope. No reason.

<Riiiiiight. Anyway, Professor Elm suddenly receives an e-mail on his computer from one of his more fanatical colleagues.>

“Uh, oh. Say, Char? Could you—”

“Go to Mr. Pokemon’s house and get something from him? Yep, I got this.”

“…B-but I didn’t—”

“Here’s my number, Prof—call me if anything comes up. Like, I don’t know, you get robbed or something. See ya in a bit.”

“…Wait, what?”

<Leaving Professor Elm in a rather confused state, our young Trainer sets out on her first real adventure, striking a course for the peaceful town of Cherrygrove with little regard for the lateness of the hour. Little does she suspect the trials facing her in the future…>

That doesn’t sound ominous at all…

*sitting on head* <Onward, my mighty pig-tailed steed! Together we shall conquer Route 29 in glorious grinding fashion!>



Weeeeeeeeyoooooo! Oh wait, did that come from me?


Tobuscus Toby

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