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Default Re: [Mewtwo Invasion] Round 1 - Saraibre Ryu vs. Socratic Sarcasm (Judge: 3m0d0ll).

The Chandelure rights itself after being struck. It (for the beast seemed so monstrous no one would call it by any other pronoun) is definitely winded, but still absolutely capable of battle.

The Haze has cleared somewhat, but there is still some around. Although it isn't really enough to be a visual impediment, the combination of the inky blackness, the lights from the barrier and the candles on the Chandelure, and the dim lights from the canopy make the creature look positively grotesque, especially given the fact that its mouth was curled up in a way far too sinister to truly be called a smile.

The man looks positively unperturbed at the bit of damage the monster had sustained; his face still wears that evil smirk as he far too monotonously commands,"Limit her."

Everyone hears a new, soft, harmonious, feminine, delicate voice speak in their heads,/With pleasure./ It takes everyone not familiar with the sound a second to realize that the beast is using telepathy. No one is too shocked at that, though: Pokemon understand human speech, and even non psychic Pokemon capable of some psychic abilities, like Lucario (and Chandelure, apparently), are able to use telepathy.

Besides, psychopaths tend to be disproportionately more intelligent than an average person. Why should that be any different for Pokemon?

The evil thing smiles most sweetly and venomously at the Galvantula, before gesturing to the EleSpider's trainer, and almost off handedly wonders aloud,/I wonder how she'll burn./

Almost everyone, except the monster's trainer takes a second to blink at that. It smiles at the shock it caused, before continuing,/I think I'll start with her toes. Burn them to black ash, one by one by one. I think she'd try stop herself from screaming. It's always fun, testing those people. Seeing their breaking points. And they do break, dear, that I promise. Some do it immediately. Others do it when their legs slowly start to roast, and the delicious smell of their burnt flesh reaches their nostrils. But, everyone breaks by the time you get to the face. Oh, that's the most beautiful part. You see, there are all sorts of wonderful pains you can cause when you start burning their eyes out. First their left one, of course, since that's generally the weaker eye, and you want them to see you burning them. They tend to scream more that way, which is always delicious, and you, of course, leave their other eye until last. Ah, but when you get to burning THAT is the icing on the cake! They scream and scream and scream, no matter how much 'willpower,' 'inner strength,' or 'sheer stubbornness' they have. They just scream their beautiful lungs out until they finally go silent. For good./

Everyone, even the trainer, looks very nearly about to throw up, before the evil man smirks while noticing the Galvantula.

And boy, she looks PISSED.


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