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Default Re: ::Pe2k:: Nuzlocke Association

You can get Blizzard at Lacunosa town if you have the 70,000 to pay for it. ^^'

I was so mad that they cut off access to Twist Mountain from Mistralton in BW2. I was so excited to be getting close to it cause I wanted to Glaceon. Get there...what do you mean I can't go in!? I traded my Eevee to White then traded back a Glaceon. Showed them. >.>

Of course, that was in a regular run of the game. Not a Nuzlocke. ^^'

In my Nuzlocke though, I got super lucky and caught a male Ralts on Rt. 209. Currently he's a Kirlia, but no need to guess at what he's gonna be. ^^ I also think I've settled on my core team all but the final slot.

I'll be sure to post my stat thingy in the new thread later. ^^
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