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Originally Posted by Typhlosion Explosion View Post
I'm glad I started with Gold, since RBY really had everything screwed up. Playing Blue recently was awful. @.@

HeartGold/SoulSilver are my favorite games, and always will be. I classify them as Gen II, as I classify FR/LG as Gen I.

Gen I: Kanto
Gen II: Johto (<3)
Gen III: Hoenn
Gen IV: Sinnoh
Gen V: Unova

I hated how there weren't Running Shoes. We're privileged to have them now. xD

The think I like most about newer gens is that it's easier. RBY/GSC/RSE just let you wander off for the most part. It doesn't tell you to go to Cinnabar, or which way to go/how to get there. You just go. I like how they don't expect you to search for HMs too. I like getting them handed to me. xD
I hate it when they don't tell you where to go because then I get stuck XD

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