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Default Re: Journeymon [RP]

RPM: Aspertia City

Riptide glowered at Lee just a bit more, leaving his trainer to think over the name he had given him. Dojo crossed her front paws, unimpressed with the boy’s attitude and wished Riptide would knock some manners into him. Soon enough the teenage boy snapped his fingers, and Riptide stopped growling, walking around Lee and back to his trainer’s side.

“Yep, name’s good.” He commented. “Sorry, we’ve got to keep a tight look on who comes in and who doesn’t. Exclusive things and all that.”

Riptide nodded and growled, far more passive and even a bit more cheery than before, but still giving Lee an annoyed look. Dojo pointed out the other two that were coming in, both were girls with one ahead of the other. The boy heard the name of Rebecca, though not the name of the girl who owned the Scolipede. However, he remembered her specifically, due to one of his friends having specifically wanting to send a letter to this person just for the Scolipede’s sake. It looked like most of the cavalry was here, at least the ones who responded to the message were anyway. As the stranger was about to explain the situation to everyone, he noticed one final person come in, one who had a lot of Pokémon, all out and at his side. Immediately Riptide and Dojo became defensive, ready for a battle as the boy examined the other.

“Hey, this isn’t a social gathering, who are you? I don’t remember sending any letters to you…” He trailed off for a bit, as his thoughts swirled around in his head. “… but maybe she did. Only people that know to come here are the ones with the invites unless they figured it out. No, Jingka isn’t that sloppy.”

Riptide and Dojo were still in a defensive stance, waiting for any sneak attack or a brawl. The boy patted both of them, letting them know to ease up. He took a few steps forward, putting one hand on his side and making sure that he had everyone’s attention. Riptide had another idea though, and instead picked him up and carried him on his shoulder, his trainer sitting on his arm with ease. The boy then leaned on his Feraligatr’s head with his arm, knowing that everyone was sure to see him up here.

“Alright now with formalities aside and all that, you’re probably wondering why you’re all here. Obvious statement is obvious. Simply put some friends and I are working on a group and based on another friend of ours assessment of some of you, you guys were sent the letter to come look for us here. Don’t ask me how she does it, I’d rather not know. Anyway, this here, as some of you already know, is Riptide. He’s been my buddy for years now, but don’t make fun of his friends or he will make you look like fun. Mienfoo here is Dojo, and she packs more punch than you’d think. The guy who lead you here,”

At that moment, the Skarmory from earlier perched himself on the door arc that lead into the once-was Gym battle arena. He put his wings neatly into place and looked at everyone carefully, analyzing each of their most prominent features and the most easily noticeable ones for later use.

“that’s Flashpoint. He’s going to be your guide if you guys choose to go through with what we’re trying to do here. As for me, my name’s Riley, and I specialize in Water, Steel and Fighting Pokémon.”

Flashpoint took off again, circling around before going to make sure there were no other stragglers behind that may have been late on the action. Riley remained to continue explaining.

“Now before anyone gets their assumptions, myself and my friends aren’t a part of any group that was, or is. We aren’t part of RAGE, but rather are looking into them. Them and the Conduit towers as our, well kind of leader you could say, she’s got this odd feeling about things and her intuition isn’t wrong. “

Riptide growled a bit at Riley, rolling his eyes in the process. Riley just sighed at him. “Well I’m sorry public speaking is not my forte. Brimley is busy and you all know where the other two always are. Oh damn that reminds me!”

Riley jumped down, getting just a bit of dust on his pants as his knees just avoided making contact with the ground. Looking back up at everyone else, he finished his explanation. “Well first thing is first. You don’t have to come with us, but we’re looking for some help. It’ll probably involve some dangerous investigating and having to battle Pokémon in-zone. We’ll be around to help you as much as we can, but as I said, we’re pretty thinned out as it is. We have someone investigating an issue in Virbank and one of our friends is stuck in Driftveil in the PWT. Should you say yes, most of you would probably come with me to get to Virbank. You’re free to back out at any point if you don’t want to, you aren’t being forced to commit to anything.”

Before Riley could get an answer, Flashpoint came back in a flash of light, screeching a Riley about something as he hovered from place to place. Riley flinched at his Skarmory’s volume, waiting for him to calm down a bit before being able to actually understand him. The boy listened, and the expression on his face slowly turned to that of a shocked one.

“What do you mean there’s a few angry Ursaring running around?! Why are they in town, Aspertia isn’t inside a zone at all!”

Flashpoint didn’t wait for Riley’s response before darting away, trying to lead them to where the closest one was. Riley groaned in a rising volume, watching as Dojo took off with Flashpoint, following him on the ground.

“Well it looks like that’s going to have to wait. I don’t suppose any of you want to help with Ursaring relocation?”

Everyone gets 7 points because I took so damn long to update.

Also these Ursaring are free for you to control, I trust you guys will make the battle look good. There's one or each of you.
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