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Emma nodded at your reassurances, but continued shaking like a chihuahua. You turn to watch the ensuing battle, keeping a sharp eye out for any low tricks the dastardly fiend might attempt. The Duskull seems pretty locked on JC, however, and the two have a good long stare down.

Meanwhile, Emma taps on your shoulder.

"Um... Luis? I... I think there's something over there..."

You follow her pointing finger and see something quivering in the bushes--much in the same state as Emma.

A wild Petlil appeared!
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JC and the Duskul were staring at each other down, almost if they were waiting for the other to make the first move. My thought was cut down by Emma tapping on my shoulder.

"Um... Luis? I... I think there's something over there..." she pointed at some bushes that were shaking, almost like how she had been all this time and out of them jumped a little Petilil. Seems like the Duskul had also scared her.

''Oh, it's just a Petilil; you don't have to worry about her.'' I took out Greed Pokeball and send him out to the field. The Petilil got even more scared after seeing that Greed was about to attack it and tried to escape. ''Oi, were do you think you're going? Greed attack her with a Faint Attack.'' Greed dissapeared into thin air and appeared in front of Petilil, which let out a cry from the fear she was in. Seems that she has a timid nature. Greed clawed the Petilil back to the field but Petilil still tried to escape from the field.

''This is getting annoying. Greed, sleep that Petilil with Hypnosis so that she no longer tries to escape.'' Greed blocked the escape path for Petilil again and locked his eyes with her. The coin on top of his head started to glow with a faint, purple color and then the Petilil fell asleep on the ground. ''Ok, this is our chance. Go, Greatball!''

The blueish Pokeball opened and sucked the Petilil in. The ball then started shaking back and forth.
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