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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Red Version

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With Max down the Spirit floated around convinced something was going on. Dark Markus made his way into the main office. The bitter cold seemed to be slowing down the process of Markus's skin burning. In the office he checked through the computers finding the control panel to the pods. He also found the controls to the Articuno's pod. Dredd dark smiles pierced Markus lips.
"Perfect, all I need to do to begin the process is flush the soul of the beast and begin the thawing process."

Dredd pushed open the doors and picked up Gold.
"You will do something for me..."

with a blast of dark energy Gold found himself moving to the control panel. Unable to stop himself he sits down.
*Listen fool open the extra pod in the room..* The ninth pod opens and Markus (DD) climbs into it.
*Now press the code entered in the book. Once you have begun the process press the code that opens up the channels from one to another.. Giovanni you are brilliant in this time line!*

Golds hands seem to move on its own.

The Articuno lets out a cry and then seems to just stop. The horrible sound causes the Spirit to leave the room for help.

With button pressed the soul of the bird starts to get sucked out, at that moment Dredd leaves Markus system entering the Articunos body.

As the souls switch the other pods start to un thaw...the gateway to the bodies is open.

Maxs thoughts reach the Spirit.
*Go to your body now, and break free! Leave me here !*

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