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Default Re: Gotta catch em' all !: Club

I can tell you write now that I have four solid story ideas from all the GCEAs and they are all going in much different directions !

In GCEA Gold the group is about to be tested as to what they believe is right or wrong. Lee whos character I love to torture is going to have his darker side dragged to the surface as Gold Team is forced to take a prisnor. How Markus and Spin be able to move forward !

In GCEA Silver Seth will be leading Alyssa into a trap that may cost the entire group their lives. Alyssa life will hang in the balance as she tries to fight for what was left of her lost life. Max will be showing up in Union Cave.

In GCEA Blue the team has found themselves in Celadon City that looks likea military base. Erika who has taken command of the arm protecting the city will be going farther then any gym leader to find the truth ! Also the appearance of new villains will change the way the team works for good...Spoiler alerts ... Shadow Triad move over the Dredd Drones are coming !

In GCEA Red everything is getting to be a mess. 9 steel pods have been found. The Team Rocket in Red is growing stronger and stronger.. What were the pods for..What is going to be the now soulless fate of Articuno ! Can Markus escape hell before his Kanto is tore to shreds by the finally completed Dredd !

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