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Default Re: Neku Sakauraba vs. p4 (Ref: 3m0d0ll)




[Dusknoir +] Yamask
Ability: Mummy.
Health: 31%
Energy: 67%
Moves: Energy Ball~Energy Ball.

Neku Sakuraba

[Sharpshooter] Weavile
Ability: Mummy.
Health: 82%
Energy: 79%
Moves: Dark Pulse~Dark Pulse.
BRN; -2 Att; Night Slash is disabled for 3 more actions; +2 SpAtt.

The Weavile smiled, knowing that this battle would soon n be over, regardless of the fact that his Special Attack stats was more than lacking. He pressing his claws together, creating an enclosure with his hands in the shape of a circle. From the outside, you could see small bits of black shadow leaking out in small wisps, eager to free themselves and inflict pain upon others. Once the sphere that was forming became too large to contain in his hands, Sharpshooter opened his hands, keeping his inner wrists together as the dark beam flew violently towards D+, causing him to fall to the ground, whimpering.
[Dark Pulse: Sharpshooter, -7% Energy; D+, -19% Health]

D+ grimaced as he lifted himself into the air once more, knowing that he couldn't take much more of this rough battle. He lowered his head, creating a large gap between it and his small body. Within this space, D+ let particles of light enter, forming a tiny, light green ball. The sphere grew in power and brightness, small sparks began to appear from the center of the circle, connecting themselves to the outer rim attractively. D+ cried out, releasing the ball from behind his golden face, sending it flying at blinding speeds towards Sharpshooter, who was taken off guard by the attack, and doubled over, clutching his gut, tongue extended.
[Energy Ball: Sharpshooter, -10% Health; D+, -18% Energy; Effect, 1/1, Shaprshooter, -1 SpDef]

Snarling angrily, Sharpshooter created another cage with his hands, letting evil energy fester and then finally, sent it right towards the small Ghost-type, who fell to the ground, unable to recover from the attack. Sharpshooter chuckled contently, clutching the burn on his arm, which still stung red hot.
[Dark Pulse: Sharpshooter, -7% Energy; D+, -19% Health]
[BRN: Sharpshooter, -4% Health]


[Dusknoir +] Yamask
Ability: Mummy.
Health: KO'd.
Energy: KO'd.

Neku Sakuraba

[Sharpshooter] Weavile
Ability: Mummy.
Health: 68%
Energy: 65%
BRN; -2 Att; Night Slash is disabled for 1 more action; +2 SpAtt; -1 SpDef.


No arena change.

Neku Sakuraba:
[Higeki] Absol
5% | 77%

[Lang] Shinx
26% | 8%

See next post regarding payment.

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