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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Red Version

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Spin, Moon, where are you?

The Spirit drifted out ot the hall, her eyes darting left and right desperately for help. She knew she was useless in this form, and that she would need the other's help to save Articuno.

But... where were the others? The ghost felt confused for a moment, suddenly struck by the feeling that there should be more people here. Weren't there... six of them? Or... The Yamask shook her head, trying to clear through her muddled thoughts. The machinery within the Power Plant suddenly began hissing, and the temperature of the air suddenly felt warmer. Something was going on...

Turning around, the Spirit tried to get another look at Articuno, but then Max's thoughts reached her. Her body... was free? Regardless of his beckoning, the Spirit returned to the room with Articuno. The once beatiful bird was having spasms, its glossy feathers dulling with the flickering of darkness. Naive as she was, the little ghost sensed that Articuno was no longer with them.

Its body had become the vessel of... something else.

A now laid before the Spirit--she could return to her body...

Or she could fight one last time for Articuno.

Water welled up in her eyes, the decision already made. Her golden mask that depicted a bright glowing face fell to the ground. "Sorry Max, but... I can't let this happen."

Leaving behind the mask, the Spirit surged forward, flying over Max and straight into Articuno's chamber. In seconds, her form disappeared into Articuno's body.

The bird let out a strangled shriek as suddenly two spirits fought for control.

Char wasn't sure what was happening. It seemed like at times she was seeing through Articuno's eyes--others she was cloaked in darkness where she could only fight with the will of her heart. But constantly she was feeling a pressure--full of hate, full of darkness... Though she tried to resist it, it became clear that it was stronger than her.

And so she stopped defending and started lashing out.

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