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Default Re: p4r6g6777 vs. 3m0d0ll.

Round IV


Conkeldurr (M)
HP: 91%
Energy: 87%
Condition: Feeling accomplished
Focus Punch ~ Drain Punch


[Dusknoir+] Yamask (M)
HP: 81%
Energy: 92%
Condition: Oh, he can hit me; +2 Special Attack; Toxic
Will-O-Wisp ~ Shadow Ball

Dusknoir+ shrugged off the effect of the poison and continued on with the offensive. However, he had decided to change tack a little. Rather than trying to beat his opponent into submission, he would work in a more subtle way. Ghostly flames ignited at the ends of each of his arms and shot towards Conkeldurr. The hulking creature didnít even look up, he was seemingly busy doing something, but it turned out that he didnít need to - the balls of flame missed their target by miles.

Now Conkeldurr sprang into action. Dropping his pillars, he surged towards Dusknoir+, dragging his glowing fist behind him. The fist swung and met its mark - the Yamask hurtled through the air for a few feet, knocked off balance, before crashing into a crumbling wall, cracking the masonry. The ghost pulled itself out of the crater delicately, feeling anger build up within him.

However, he didnít have time to return fire before Conkeldurr was charging him again. The fighting-type swung his fist, which was now glowing green; he struck Dusknoir+, sending the ghost sprawling. The green glow stretched, briefly enveloping the Yamask, before returning to Conkeldurr, who absorbed it, taking stolen energy from his opponent to heal himself.

Dusknoir+ wasnít feeling up to much at all by this stage. However, he knew that it would be important to weaken his opponent so that his teammate could finish the job. Calling on dark powers, he summoned another ball of darkness, holding at the end of his ribbon-like arms. It grew as he channelled energy into it, until it reached a size he was happy with, at which point he fired it at Conkeldurr. Not being the brightest sort, the massive bodybuilder reckoned he could take the hit easily, not having factored in that it had been aimed straight at his face. The attack made his stumble, nearly toppling him over.

Meanwhile the poison was surging through Dusknoir+, causing a little damage to his organs.


Conkeldurr (M)
HP: 78%
Energy: 77%
Condition: Has a bit of a sore face


[Dusknoir+] Yamask (M)
HP: 18%
Energy: 84%
Condition: Not feeling all that great; +2 Special Attack; Toxic

Battle Notes
Accuracy: Rolled 81, 75 or less to hit
Effect: None
Energy: Yamask -3%
Focus Punch
Critical: Rolled 1357, 625 or less required
HP: Yamask -39%
Energy: Conkeldurr -10%
Drain Punch
Critical: Rolled 2666, 625 or less required
HP: Yamask -20%, Conkeldurr +5%
Energy: Conkeldurr -5%, +5%
Shadow Ball
Effect: Rolled 5, 1 required for Special Defence drop
Critical: Rolled 111, 625 or less required
HP: Conkeldurr -18%
Energy: Yamask -10%
HP: Yamask -4%

Arena Notes
Yamask +5% Energy

Team Notes
2 pokemon remaining
Magister: 80% HP; 78% Energy
2 pokemon remaining
The Almighty: 71% HP; 91% Energy