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Default Fushigidane's FireRed Nuzlocke

So I've been wanting to do a Nuzlocke for a while now. I finally got myself to start a FireRed Nuzlocke. Here are the first two chapters:

CHAPTER I - My First Pokemon

I had just turned on my GameBoy Advance to play my newly bought cartridge of Pokemon FireRed. After watching the cutscene of Gengar and Nidorino fighting, I selected the "New Game" option. Instructions telling me how to play were printed on the screen. Yes, I know how to play. I skipped through them quickly. After that, Professor Oak was shown on screen, telling me about the world of Pokemon. When I was asked my gender, I selected "Boy'". Oak then inquired what my name was. I typed in Eric with the keyboard on the screen. Next, Oak's grandson appeared on the screen. He had been my rival since I was a baby. Oak didn't know his name... I chuckled. Gotta love that Oak doesn't know his own grandson's name. I typed in Jeff for his name. Last, Oak told me that my Pokemon journey was about to begin. A black dot appeared on the GameBoy screen. I tried rubbing it, thinking it was some dirt. But it suddenly got bigger, and bigger. It was turning into a black hole! The last thing I remembered before going unconscious was getting sucked into the black hole.

I came to in the second floor of a house. It appeared to be someone's room. I looked around. I saw a PC, and some stairs leading down to the first floor. Suddenly, I realized that this room was identical to the one in my Pokemon FireRed game! I was confused. I went over to a PC, to see if it was capable of giving me items. I turned it on, and it told me there was a potion inside. I told it to give me it, and it came out of a tube connected to the computer. I was shocked. I took it, then went downstairs, seeing if there was somebody there to explained.

On the ground floor, I saw a woman. She looked at me, and said, "Hi Eric!' I hesitated. What was going on? It was like... I was inside my game. "Am I inside the Pokemon world?" I inquired. The woman looked at me. She said, "Look, I'm not supposed to talk about this, but yes. Your FireRed cartridge is a special one. One reason being it teleported you in-game, and another being there are special rules to the game. They are:"

1. Any Pokemon that faints is considered dead.
2. You must nickname ALL of your Pokemon.
3. You may only capture the first Pokemon you encounter in every town/route. Encounters before you have Pokeballs do not count.

"Yes, I know it's shocking that you are in the game, but just go with it. If all your Pokemon die, you will be released into your world," she continued. I processed all of that, and said, "Okay. Also, what is your name?" She replied, "I am your Mom!"


I left the house, ready to start my Pokemon journey. I went north, into what was the tall grass. I had almost taken a step into the tall grass, when Professor Oak came running towards me. "WAIT! Don't go in there!" he shouted. I took a step back, and looked at him. "Wild Pokemon live there! Come with me if you want to go through there!" he continued. He started walking away. I followed him, all the way to his Pokemon lab. We entered the lab.

Inside was a boy that looked to be my age. He looked like he was waiting for something. He saw us, and immediately said, "GRAMPS! I'm ready for my first Pokemon!" Oak smiled at him, and said, "Hold on, Jeff! I need to give Eric a Pokemon first!" Jeff looked like he was about too argue, but then he smiled a mischievous smile at me, and said, "Alright." Oak looked at me, pointed to a table with three Pokeballs, and said, "Pick one!" So I went over to the table, and looked at all of them. They were all nice, but the one that looked like a dinosaur with a bulb on its back stood out. "I'll take this one," I said, picking up the Pokeball containing the creature. Oak looked at the Pokeball, and said, "Ah! So Bulbasaur is your choice! Good choice!" He turned to Jeff, and said, "Your turn to pick, Jeff!" Jeff instantly went over to the red lizard with a flame on its tail, and said, "I want this one!" Oak smiled at him. "Charmander! Another good choice!" he said. As I started to leave, Jeff came over to me and said, "Let's check out our Pokemon, Eric! I'll battle you!" Before I could answer, Jeff had sent his Charmander. I sighed, and sent out Bulbasaur.

It would've been a boring match, if I'd never seen a Pokemon battle live. I just spammed Tackle, and Jeff just spammed Scratch. Eventually, my Bulbasaur was close to fainting... er, I mean dying. The poor thing was huffing and puffing. I felt bad for it, and I didn't want to end my journey yet. But then I remembered I had a potion from home. I was relieved. "Looks like you lose!" taunted Jeff. I just smiled and took my potion out of my pocket. The effect was great. Jeff's face looked shocked, and my Bulbasaur beamed at me. I kneeled down to the Bulbasaur, and he walked over. I sprayed the potion contents on him, and he began to look more alive. Soon, he was fully healed and perky.

Jeff was not happy. He said, "Charmander! Scratch that Bulbasaur as hard as you can!" But it was no use. One more tackle from Bulbasaur left Charmander unconscious. Bulbasaur ran over to me, and I kneeled down. He jumped into my arms. From that point, I knew we were going to be good friends.

Brad the Bulbasaur - LV. 6 - Male

CHAPTER II - My Second Pokemon

I was walking on Route 1 down to Viridian City, with my Bulbasaur. I had decided to name him "Brad", after one of my best friends. He seemed happy to be with me. After fleeing a few bird Pokemon, we reached Vermllion City. I saw a Pokemart, and I decided to check it out.

The moment I got in, the man behind the counter looked at me, and asked, "Do you come from Pallet Town?" I almost forgot that I was in the Pokemon world. But I caught myself, and said, "Yes, I do. What do you need?" I walked up to the counter, and he said, "I have a package for Professor Oak. Can you give it to him?" "Sure!" I replied, taking the package in his hands. "Say hi to Professor Oak for me!" he said as I walked out.

I went through Route 1, jumping off some small cliffs to get to Oak's lab quicker. When I got to Pallet Town, I walked to Oak's lab, opened the door, and went in.

Oak saw me walk in, and grinned at me. I walked up to him, and gave him the package from the Viridian City Pokemart. "Thanks for delivering my package!" he said. At that moment, Jeff came running through the door. "Hey, Gramps! What did you need me for?" he said quickly. Oak answered, "I have something for you two to do. I have two Pokedexes that I have created. They are basically Pokemon encyclopedias. The only thing is, I need someone to collect data on Pokemon to fill it with info. Are you up to it?" "Yes! I'll do it!" Jeff said right away. He took the Pokedex from Professor Oak eagerly. "And you, Eric?" Oak inquired. I thought about it. I decided that I would never get this chance again if I didn't take it now, so I said, "Alright." Oak handed me the Pokedex. "Thank you! Good luck on your journies!" Oak said, waving goodbye. Jeff and I left the laboratory.
I went through Route 1 to get to Viridian City again. I decided I would try catching a Pokemon to keep Brad company. When I reached Viridian City, I went to the Pokemart, and bought 10 Pokeballs. Now that I had Pokeballs, I down to Route 1. I walked into the tall grass, excited to see what Pokemon would pop up. Soon enough, a Pidgey flew over to me. I took the Pokeball containing Brad from my belt, and threw it into the air.

Brad popped out of the Pokeball, ready to help me capture this Pidgey. He tackled the Pidgey two times, to bring the Pidgey's HP down to less then half full. I didn't want to risk making the Pidgey faint, so I threw a Pokeball at it. I watched as the Pokeball sucked the Pidgey into it. The Pokeball wiggled a few times. Brad and I watched it closely. After a bit, it stopped wiggling and clicked. I caught my first Pokemon! You could tell Brad was happy too, because he had a big grin on his face. I went up to the Pokeball, picked it up, and said, "I'm going to call you Peter!" Peter the Pidgey was my second Pokemon.

Brad the Bulbasaur - LV. 6 - Male
Peter the Pidgey - LV. 3 - Male
VPP Stats
ASB Stats

Karrablast & Shelmet
Hatched at 2139
Evolves into Escavalier & Accelgor at 2279
Level 100 at 2524

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