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Originally Posted by lu1z View Post
Name: Luis
Currently: Chilling on Route 6
Party: Rick, Cage, Greed, Breeze, Aril, Clover

Ping! Petilil was caught! I went towards the Pokeball, happy with this catch and grabbed the Greatball from the ground. ''Good work Greed! You're trusty as always.'' Greed growled proudly and then went to a nearby shade to take a rest. ''Looks like we have another companion for our journey. I think this girl will come in handy with our mission Emma.''

I looked back to see how JC was doing and finally he had started the battle. But...Something about him was different. His Golett was also unfocused, it was throwing punches like crazy and was barely hitting Duskul. The tiredness came quick and then Duskul used this chance to hit Golett with a barrage of Shadow Balls. What is he doing? Does he even noticed that his Pokemon is being hurt badly?

But then JC's Monferno springe into action and attacked the Duskul with a Flamethrower and then a Pursuit. Duskul fell down and JC throwed a Greatball without even saying a word.

''Are you fine JC? You seem a bit odd''

Originally Posted by Judge Dredd View Post
Trainer: JC
Currently: Heading to Nova in a hurry !!
In party:


In Box

The ball shakes back and forth finally stopping. Luis words almost go unnoticed as JC walks over to pick up the ball. He holds the ball in his hand for a few moments. His thoughts still seem to be scattered. His response to Luis is short.
" Im fine, just a little tired. We should keep going" JC walks over to the injured Tron.
"Its best you take a break big guy." JC calls him back. As he turns to continue forward he takes out the ball. A mix of emotions seem to move through him. How could this pokemon do what it did. How could he possibly train a pokemon that he almost felt hate for.

Emma smiles at Luis as you successfully catch the Petlil. "She... she is a cute little Pokemon."

Her smile fades as their attention returns to JC, who managed to capture the Duskull. She looks at you in concern before hanging her head shamefully. "JC... I'm sorry... You shouldn't have to deal with this..."

Nothing happens. Stay on Route 6 or move on?

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