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Default More advertisements

Now I understand people generally hate ads, but hear me out.

I can't remember who I heard it off, but I remember hearing that PE2k is surviving in this dead state off advertisements. But after looking at the website, I have seen only one ad slot (correct me if I am wrong). Most days we are lucky to get 15 people on at once.

I was looking at another forum I am part of, and had a look at their advertisements. They have 3 on every page, and an extra one on the actual threads. That forum is always buzzing with activity. They are making enough money off advertisements to keep it up to date.

Would getting another advertisment slot or two on the forum, and a few more advertisers bring in enough money over time to upgarde the forum? I know we are having some lag issues here. I dread editing posts and stalking people. As well as there are a few bot issues as well.

Just a thought. I know people hate ads. I hate them. But honestly, my desire to see this place more alive is kinda negating my hate for ads. Maybe just another one down the side or at the bottom?

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