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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Johto: Gold Version (Open!)

Name: Yellow
Location: Fighting over Lee



With Ren fainting Spin stood her ground.
"You sacrafised all your pokemon for that play....I dont understand. Why not just give up, and spare them the pain.." Spin stood there thinking about what to do.
" I should let you go but I can't.." She lets out a sigh, feeling that she had been influenced by the Tyrants and after all she had seen she couldnt just let a Chrome Grunt go free.."

Spin signaled to Noctowl and Butterfree to move in. The two flying types quickly made a move to keep Lee from leaving, the Noctowl used wing attack to knock him to the ground. Before Spin could say anything Yellow appeared in the down field. The little Golden haired girl seemed furious. Spin looked back feeling that this was going to get worse.
"Yellow dont ! We must be brought it !"

Yellow's pokemon appeared in the background and followed her as she ran over. Once she got close enough she paused.
"You are acting just like Markus..your own goals going above those of someones safety. Let him go or I will make you Spin !" she called out.

With a motion Owli appeared and seemed to make a striaght line for Spins. Ariados went in and made a run for Butterfree. Furret jumped in front of Yellow letting out a low growl. Yellow looked at Lee
"This shouldn't have happened. You've made poor choices Lee..Leave the Chromes and go back to being a normal guy before you wind up being the one caught in whatever rock slide you were planning.."

Rock slide you were planning..That seemed to stick for a moment..something smelled wrong. why would anyone want to cause a cave slide..what would they have to gain. Lee remembered something Seth had said in the cave.

Seth had walked up to him when Frita disappeared. Throwing him against the wall
"Those are my girls, if someone is going to save them its giong to be me. No one needs you running around playing the hero..."

..Seth had just been acting jealous could that have anything to do with this..

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