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Default Re: [Mewtwo Invasion] Round 1 - Saraibre Ryu vs. Socratic Sarcasm (Judge: 3m0d0ll).

The trainer just shakes his head in an excessively patronizing manner, not particularly caring that Cayci was coming after the Chandelure with a powerful, super effective attack. He smiles as he says quite softly,"Focus and suspend her ."

The thing just smiles, and, most ominously, does not giggle, laugh, cackle, or in any way express mirth. It is simply eerily serene as at appears to be waiting for something.

Cayci approaches most swiftly, but a few split seconds before she would have been able to hit the beast, she stops. She doesn't even hit the ground. Cayci just stops, in midair, suspended by an unseen force.

Well, not completely unseen. There does appear to be a faint purple aura surrounding the tarantula Pokemon. And the source of the mysterious force becomes known when everybody notices that same, faint glow coming out of the beast's eyes.

The Luring Pokemon smiles. Technically. Its lips curled up at the corners, certainly. It brushes a arm-fixture from right to left, smirking as it applies a vector of force to the Telekinesis.

Cayci begins to spin in a circle, first slowly, then much more quickly as the Chandelure moves it more. But this isn't enough for the sick Pokemon, as it pushes the Galvantula perpendicular to the plane it's spinning in, making her spin in a sphere.

It's technically not hurting Cayci. It is humiliating her, toying with its prey before it feasts.


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