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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Johto: Gold Version (Open!)

(First off, I kind of understand this breaks the mood somewhat-but Rare Pokemon wait for nobody in this case. On another note, I thought the Nidoran-Alistar-was the Pokemon stolen from Spin? Or was it the Unown? :P You never specified which Pokemon of Spin's was stolen, as we never had to fight it.)

(Also, due to the fact that, in trades, the Pokemon on the other end is fully healthy upon receiving it, do I get Onix at full health despite Markus explicitly using a move against it, even if it's just Sleep Powder? Or is it KO'd?)

Trading For: Onix
Trading Over: Belt the Weepinbel
Points required: 25
Points on-hand: 30
Points after: 5
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*Getting up, moving to try to stop Yellow, when he hears her comment.*...Oh, for the love of Arceus! Yellow, I have something to admit. You are a wonderful, wonderful person, a truly kind soul who is absolutely selfless, but you have one fault: you're horribly naive! Unless you're some sort of human lie detector, you have no proof at all Lee ISN'T a Criminal! He could just be tricking you into believing he's innocent so he gets off free! We do not just randomly condemn people, Yellow, we take them through a court of law first-Tyrant and Johto Government both! If he's really innocent, they'll let him go, but just letting him off is completely intolerable! I'm sorry, I'd just love it if how you saw the world is how it worked, but what we've got on Lee doesn't exactly prove-*Hears a rumbling sound coming from the ground nearby him*...s**t.

*An Onix pops out of the ground behind Markus, scattering rocks and debris around where it came from. The expression on its face is one of panic-did something scare it off from where it was before? Regardless of it's reasons for being there, Markus wanted that Onix-it was fairly Rare and fairly powerful-and fairly dangerous if left unattended, as well. It was the Tyrant way to prevent disasters.*

*He noticed several rocks fall in his bag, and the sound of a few PokeBalls being crushed. Not bothering to check his own to see if they were all unoccupied, he immediately sent out the relatively unharmed Unreality.* Unreality, Sleep Powder on that Onix!

*The Skiploom follows orders-Unreality quickly moves towards the Onix and spreads a sedative powder in the wind, which the Onix manages to get a whiff of. It immediately falls to the ground with a massive thud. It is unharmed, but immobile.* OK, that's awesome! Now time for a catch!

*Throwing the PokeBall at the Onix, waiting, completely focused, thus far unaware of the smashed PokeBall on his Belt where the Weepinbel by the name of Belt was contained-and by that token, where Belt expired...*
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