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Default Re: [Mewtwo Invasion] Round 1 - Saraibre Ryu vs. Socratic Sarcasm (Judge: 3m0d0ll).

I could really only watch as Cayci was suspended in a spin cycle, that was stuck on high speed. I doubted spiders got vertigo in the first place, but being stuck in a, quite literal, spin like that was a problem. She had managed to get her legs tucked in just a bit, however was still rather helpless from my point of view. I knew the spider was acrobatic at best, but this was pushing it a little too far. Time was running out and I had to think of something fast. Sure the lamp couldn’t hold onto her forever, and I half expected her to be stopped in such a way, but the spinning… the spinning…


“Cayci, I’m going to have you turn yourself into a pyrotechnic visual.”

I heard an audible, Galvantulain… Galvantulese?... Gal- whatever you would call it, it was a cry of confusion. More specifically it sounded more like the tone of ‘what the hell kind of crazy idea is that?!’ but considering what we were dealing with, I still looked perfectly sane. I snapped my fingers twice with my left hand, leaning to the left just a bit with my right hand on my hip. I was going to make this fun. Well, no, Cayci was going to make this fun.

“Give them a wild storm Cayci!” I instructed her. “Don’t forget the music.”

Cayci looked... well I wasn’t sure what direction she was looking in, she was spinning quite quickly but I assumed it was blankly ‘forward’. As she continued spinning, sparks and electricity began to form around her, rapidly encasing her in an electric sphere that spat volts, charges and all kinds of static in every direction. Soon her entire body was a circulating electric ball, imitating the appearance of a sparkler. However, she was supersized, incredibly bright, in that Chandelure’s face, and the Chandelure was only making her spin faster. To make matters worse for her, now there was a significant amount of cracking that was only increasing with volume. Soon the sparks started to randomly change to a reddish orange colour as sound started to emit from Cayci. Combined with the electric sparks, they flew in all directions, creating a beautiful visual effect that resembled mini fireworks.

Just one wasn’t enough though; no one liked just one set of fireworks.

“Cayci, let’s amp this up a bit please darling.”

The spider was calmer now that she had grasp of the idea; I could just feel it from the way she was reacting to me. With a shrill cry of glee, a surge of electricity in the form of a few, larger-than-normal, static charges flew from Cayci’s body. From the pulse of electrical energy, three additional, smaller orbs of electricity began to form and spiral on the same level in mid-air as Cayci. Soon they grew into the same size, imitating her very motions as the Chandelure left her spinning. The sparks from each Cayci copy collided with each other, creating smaller bursts of red and gold sparks and littering the field with light and static. The crackling came in all types of variations: from higher cracks to lower, tiny rumbles. It was some kind of show, and I certainly was enjoying it. It was a break from that maniac’s possessed furniture, and her idea of ‘fun’. The amount of energy produced from Wild Charge, while being somewhat contained in the field of Telekinesis was strong enough that the 'Cayci's' could keep the charge maintained from the friction of their already electrically charged fur, and the dryness that promoted such static.

“Finale time.”

From each spinning orb, a horizontal pulse of electricity surged outward, creating a large flash of light that temporarily blinded everyone for just a couple of seconds and, completed with it's own subtle thunder crash. I was going to need to remember to bring a pair of sunglasses next time I was going to have her do that. Once the light subsided, each spinning spider had moved just slightly from their original position, meaning they could have moved completely due to the force of electrical energy, or not at all. It would now be an entire guessing game for our shady friend.

Or… lamp shady… no, let’s leave the terrible puns at that.

Wild Charge+Bug Buzz~Substitute+Double Team~Thunder Wave+Flash

Telekinesis can hit adjacent targets, so that is how the other copies came out levitated as well.
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