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Originally Posted by Typhlosion Explosion View Post
I meant those that look like actual /foxes/. xD

Some Eeveelutions do, granted, but Lucario (as GW said) is indeed a jackal. c:

Eevee - Fox/Cat/Dog
Vaporeon - mermaid cat wat
Jolteon - Fennec Fox
Flareon - Red Fox
Espeon - Cat/Feline
Umbreon - Cat/Silver Fox
Leafeon - Fox/Cat hybrid
Glaceon - Arctic Fox

I like Fennekin because it looks like a true fennec fox; none of the Eeveelutions really do. xD Still like them though. <33
some of those dont even remotely resemble a fox, lets take a look at the anathomy of a fox

hells yeah i feel like a total smartass

Now take that and compare it to the eevee branch, none of them has an omnivorous mouth, implying they are all felines, because all canines has at least the slightest hint of an omnivorous mouth. even thought the faces of some of the "eeveelutions" are sort of bumpy, they resemble the one of a feline more than a canine.
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